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ATA XL is the growth and bloom stimulant product you've been looking for, a 2 in 1 growth and flowering enhancer, look no further, ATA XL is all you need to complement your base nutrients.

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ATA XL Growth and Flowering Stimulator

ATA XL is a multi-purpose stimulator for marijuana plants that serves both the growth and flowering. It is a product in the ATA line of Atami, one of the most important and respected cannabis growing fertilisers brands on the market.

The ATA XL formula makes it the perfect fertiliser for anyone looking for a 4x4 stimulator, i.e. one that covers a wider spectrum within the plants' life cycle. It consists of a combination of minerals and amino acids that will bring the best for your plants development during all growing phases, promoting explosive growth and flowering.

Besides being a full spectrum stimulator, its formula is completely natural and free of products that do not come from organic origin. This is convenient for those who are looking for a more natural crops and also improving the flavor of their buds, since certain enhancers can incorporate additives that modify the natural organoleptic properties of the plant.

ATA XL works by supplying essential macro and micro minerals to the plant, it has a complete formula that will make the plant grow better during vegetative growth, but also to give it an explosive flowering when you change the photo period to 12/12. The stems will look fatter and ready to support the weight of more rocky and resinous buds than usual.

The biggest advantage of this product is its versatility. Thus, it is difficult to find a multipurpose stimulator of such quality as ATA XL. If you know the products of Atami, you know they are one of the best. It is recommended to combine ATA XL with the rest of the ATAmi range of products to obtain even more incredible results.

How to use ATA XL

Like all other Atami products, the use of ATA XL is extremely simple and even beginners can use into this multi-purpose stimulator. First, you will need to dilute 1 ml of product for every litre of irrigation water. And you can start applying it from the third week of the growth phase.

For the flowering stage, keep this same dose up to 2 weeks before harvesting.