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ATA Clean by Atami is a fully effective irrigation system cleaner for all kinds of marijuana growing media. Its application is very simple, it dissolves all minerals and sediments in pipes, drippers and water sprayers. ATA Clean prevents and removes all deposits.

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ATA Clean Irrigation System Cleaner

ATA Clean is a biological cleaning product for irrigation systems produced by Atami, a Dutch brand with an excellent price/performance ratio. ATA Clean prevent and removes mineral sediments that could remain in the irrigation pipes and eventually block the irrigation. This cleaning product is especially recommended when you use water from the tap without filtering.

The ATA Clean cleaning liquid can be used in all types of growing media, from hydroponics to soil or coco substrates. Furthermore, it also removes mineral sediments caused by the use of fertilizers. It also prevents the appearance of harmful algae, and also, will take away traces of calcium, lime, magnesium and fungi detrimental to marijuana crops.

If you have implemented a drip irrigation system in your Cannabis crop, ATA Clean is all you need to have it working at full capacity at all times. Using it in closed irrigation systems and hydroponics or aeroponics, this product will clean the drippers and ducts so that the plants will grow smoothly and you don't have to worry about the detritus deposited in pipes, drippers or sprayers in your cultivation system.

ATA Clean is very effective in clearing marijuana irrigation systems because it dissolves all the lost minerals that have settled in your irrigation ducts. It will also clean the roots of your hydro or aero crop of organic debris that could stick to your them and keep the water tank spotless. In addition, you can use ATA Clean on soil or coco crops as a preventive method to avoid the appearance of sediments.

In short, ATA Clean is a bio irrigation system cleaner that will not harm your plants. In addition, it is perfect for any growing medium (soil, coconut, aero, hydro...) and by keeping everything clean, to get the most of your plants.

Using ATA Clean

First you will have to mix water with the fertilizers, then correct the pH and wait for a few minutes.

After that, add 1 ml of ATA Clean for every 10 litres of water and use it for all the irrigations.

It is advisable to use ATA Clean with Atami's organic root stimulator, ATA Organics Root C so that the plants gain even more absorption capacity.


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