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Rootbastic is the rich in bio-stimulants root stimulator that promotes a root system explosive growth, so that the plant can take up the nutrients in an optimized way.

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Atami's Rootbastic Root Stimulator

Rootbastic is a root enhancer provided by the Atami dutch fertilizers brand. This product guarantees an explosive growth of the roots, so the marijuana plant will be better supplied and will be able to offer better harvests.

This is a highly concentrated product that allow growers to achieve a great effectiveness in their crops, although it works especially in soil substrate crops. Roobtastic formula comes from years of research in the Atami laboratories.

It is so concentrated that a dose of 0.1-0.3 ml per litre of water will be more than enough to get your plants to start showing better roots. The best thing about this product is that it produces marijuana roots at a very fast rate. This way, the small capillaries of the marijuana roots will branch out and expand as its best, being able to absorb more nutrients.

Its formula also includes bio stimulants, amino acids, vitamin and a light combination of NPK, which are essential for the roots and therefore for a huge flowering. In this way, the plants that has been treated with Rootbastic since vegetative growth will grow healthier and stronger, and also will have a good base to face a hassle free blooming process.

In addition, a good root system is synonymous of natural resistance, so you will have less reason to be concerned about the emergence of diseases due to harmful elements in the crop.

In short, Roobtastic is a highly concentrated and highly effective root stimulator that will accompany your plants during the vegetative growth stage and at the first moments of flowering stage. In addition, its formula based on bio-stimulators works quickly, just in a few days you will notice how the roots of your plants begin to improve.

Using Rootbastic

You can apply Roobtastic along the other Atami products to achieve the best outcome. In fact, this root stimulator works perfectly with Bloombastic, being the most suitable product to with the Rootbastic root stimulator.

To use Rootbastic you will need to dilute 0.1 to 0.3 ml per litre of water or nutrient mixture. Then apply this mixture to your irrigation during the first 2 weeks of growth and the first 2 weeks of flowering.

Rootbastic also works great by stimulating the roots of newly transplanted seedlings. In this way, it also helps to withstand the transplanting stress.

Rootbastic by Atami is suitable for coco, hydroponics and soil.

NPK: 4-14-4


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