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The Atami Triangle Pack fertilizer pack offers you some of the best organic fertilizers in a small package and at an unbeatable price. Buy the Triangle Pack Kit and get all the basic fertilizers made by Atatmi ATA NRG.

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Triangle Pack fertilizer pack

Introducing the Triangle Pack fertilizer pack from Atami, one of the most prestigious brands in the world. This offer pack includes all the basic fertilisers necessary for a personal indoor or outdoor crop. These fertilisers come from Atami's ATA NRG line, which means that they are fertilisers made using just components of vegetable origin, so they are 100% organic.

As in almost all cases it is not necessary to buy 1 litre containers, for a small home grow it may be sufficient to use smaller formats, such as the 250ml ones offered by the Triangle Pack fertiliser pack.

These fertilisers from the Triangle Pack fertiliser pack are enough to cover the entire life of the plant, as they include the basic fertilisers for growth and flowering, whether outdoors or indoors.

It is true that there are many other products in the ATA NRG line that are highly recommended, but they are not strictly necessary. Supplements are only necessary for certain growers with more specific needs or who are looking to get the most out of their small growing space. In this case you can also use this pack and buy all the other Atami products that may be needed separately.

The Triangle Pack includes a Growth C growth fertiliser, which mainly provides Nitrogen (N), which is necessary for this first phase of plant growth. A Bloom C base bloom fertilizer, rich in Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), necessary for the flowers formation. And finally a Flower C to give that extra boost in the last weeks of flowering.

The Triangle Pack fertilizer kit comes in a box with all the necessary information for its correct use.

What does the Triangle Pack include?

This Bio fertilizer kit contains:

  • Growth C 250ml.
  • Flower C 250ml.
  • Bloom C 250ml.

Use of the Triangle Pack:

Growth C: It is advisable to use 1 to 3 ml of product per litre of irrigation water. To apply it simply add it to the irrigation during the whole vegetative growth phase.

Flower C: Flower C is very easy to apply. When flowering begins, use 2 to 3 mL per litre of water and increase to 5 mL per litre from the 3rd week of flowering.

Bloom C: To use, dilute 2 ml per litre of irrigation water and apply in alternate irrigations, i.e. apply the product in one irrigation and not in the next.

Shake well before use and store in a cool, dry place. Do not use in irrigation systems. It is highly advisable to use the rest of the Atami fertiliser range to obtain the best results.


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