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Atami's B'cuzz Bloom Stimulator is the marijuana flowering stimulator that will multiply your buds and make them increase the organoleptical properties, quantity and power.

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Bloom Stimulator Atami B'cuz

Bloom Stimulator is a flowering stimulator from Atami B'cuzz, it is designed to accelerate and boost marijuana's flowering phase. With this bloom enhancer you will get more marijuana flowers while reducing internodes distance.

Using Bloom Booster you will get what every grower dreams of: very dense and compact buds, hard like stones. You also will get more and thicker buds in long tails. We recommend to mix it with the other Atami's B'Cuzzz line products to get the best results.

One of the main features of Bloom Stimulator is that it can be used in all types of growing media. Whether you plant in soil, hydro or aero you will be able to use this product and achieve the best outcome. Its formula is made up of essential minerals and vitamins, providing everything your marijuana plant needs for explosive flowering.

In addition, as mentioned, Atami Bloom Stimulator has the ability to reduce the internodes distance so it will increase its effectiveness in providing a fast and abundant flowering. All this will allow your plants to gain weight in the same space.

Using flowering stimulants in marijuana growing is a highly recommended practice for those seeking to get an extra boost from their crops. If you've grown correctly without the use of this type of product so far, wait until you see what a few drops of Bloom Stimulator can do for the quality and quantity of your crop.

Using Bloom Stimulator

We recommend using Bloom Stimulator with Soil Booster, the Atami substrate enhancer for vegetative growth phase. The moment to apply Bloom Booster is when the flowering stage starts, or what is the same, when you change to the 12/12 photoperiod.

You have to apply Bloom Stimulator up to 15 days prior to harvest.

During the first week of flowering you need a solution of 0.5 ml of Bloom Stimulator for every litre of water.

Increase the solution by 0.1 ml every week during flowering and from the fifth week of flowering, increase it to 1 ml until 15 days before harvesting.


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