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1 component Soil is a marijuana base fertilizer produced by Atami. Its use will provide all the minerals, amino acids and vitamins that your plants need in one single product, both for growth and flowering.

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1 Component Soil Growth and Flowering Fertilizer

The Atami fertilizer 1 component Soil is a base fertilizer for marijuana plants feeding produced by the Dutch company Atami, within its Bcuzz line. Its advantage over other fertilizers available on the market is that it provides the plant with all the nutrients it needs both in growth and in flowering with a single product, at an unbeatable price.

To feed your plant correctly, with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs, you will only have to use one fertilizer for the entire life cycle. In addition, this fertilizer is compatible with the entire B'cuzz range from Atami, so you can combine both the Root Stimulator and the Bloom Stimulator and Blossom Builder with this base fertilizer.

Using this nutrient advanced formulation you'll get healthy plants with beautiful colour and impressive vigour. If you want to maintain your crop without using too many products and in a simple way, without complicating your life, 1-component soil is the ideal product for you.

This product is compatible with drip irrigation systems.

For best results, we can combine it with the Soil Booster and the other B'Cuzz range.

Using 1 component Soil

This product can be applied in all irrigation systems or by alternating fertilizer-free irrigation with fertilizing irrigation. Start with the application of 1 mL/L in the second week of life and increase progressively. During the budding phase you should apply the maximum recommended by the manufacturer, 5 mL/L, until the end of the plant's life.

It is recommended to wash the roots two weeks before cutting.


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