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The Atami Blossom Builder is a bloom stimulator from the Atami B'Cuzz professional range. A phosphorus and potassium bomb that will make your buds explode.

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Blossom Builder Bloom Stimulator

Blossom Builder is a Bloom Stimulator from Atami B'cuzz, it is designed to enhance marijuana's flowering stage. Blossom Builder help sugars and other nutrients to get better outcomes, giving the plants the aroma and density that will make the flowers a delight for both eyes and nose.

The Blossom Builder is a fertilizer to improve cannabis buds and gives a final touch to transforms them into real rocks.

Blossom Builder provides large amounts of phosphorus and potassium to our plants and therefore the buds are even heavier and more aromatic. For that reason this fertilizer is recommended for the last 4 weeks of the plant's life.

This fertilizer is part of Atami's B'Cuzz range, a range designed for more experienced growers who want to give the best to their plants.

Blossom Builder is a very concentrated fertilizer, so it can be considered a very economical product.

How to use Blossom Builder

Blossom Builder should be used along the other Atami B'Cuzz range products. We recommend using Soil A+B or 1-Component Soil with this product.

Application should begin in the second week of flowering, with 0.25mL per litre of water, and gradually increase the amount to 0.5mL in the last week before washing the roots.


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