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ATA NRG Flavor is the natural stimulator from Atami to enhance flavor at the end of the Cannabis flowering. It provides all the nutrients and improves the marijuana organolpetic properties.

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Organic Flavor Stimulator ATA NRG Flavor

ATA NRG Flavor is the flavor stimulator from Atami for the final phase of flowering. This product belongs to the Atami NRG Organics line, which guarantees that all its ingredients are 100% natural.

ATA NRG Flavor formula is based on beet molasses, it not only provides the last push of nutrients that your plant needs before harvest, but also considerably improves the aroma and taste. This product allows you to get a natural and enhanced organoleptic properties in your marijuana crops.

Beet molasses also has a huge positive influence on the aroma and taste of marijuana plants. Therefore, in addition to improving the taste of the plant itself, it will also contains natural sugar, that match marijuana taste perfectly.

Sugar is one of the main components of ATA NRG Flavor, which serves as energy for the plant and helps it to produce more resin and improve buds with a deeper and sweeter taste. Sugar is the main reason in getting crystallized resin buds you can see in the best marijuana plants.

ATA NRG Flavor can be used in all types of growing and is the perfect complement to the other products in Atami's Organics range, such as Ata Growth C, Organics Root C or even the Bloom Stimulator for explosive flowering.

ATA NRG Flavor usage

For a properly use of Ata NRG Flavor supplement it is recommended to start using the product during the third or fourth week of flowering of the crop. This is the time when the buds will be generating their most powerful and characteristic flavour, so it is the most appropriate time to accentuate it.

In addition, we should stop using both fertilizers and ATA NRG Flavor during the last 2 weeks of blooming, just before harvest. During these 2 weeks it is best to water the plants exclusively with water and thus encourage the purification of toxins that could remain in the plant's vessels.

To use it, you have to mix 0,5 ml of product pro each liter of water and to be raising progressively the mixture until incorporating 1 ml by each liter of water of irrigation.

It is not recommended to use this product if we have mounted a pro-drip irrigation, since being organic can produce certain obstructions in the irrigation systems. Although nothing that can not be solved with the use of ATA Clean.


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