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Silic Boost is the Silicon based fertilizer provided by Atami to help against heat and droughts. It provides all the silicon needed for your Cannabis plants needs to grow healthy and strong.

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Silicon Fertilizer Silic Boost

Silic Boost is a fertilizer made from Silicon produced by Atami, one of the best known marijuana fertilizer brands and belongs to their successful B'cuzz product line.

Its silicon formula will help reduce plant's stress caused by too high temperatures, water shortage or even for the stress that occurs in seedlings when they are newly transplanted. Silicon benefits for cannabis growing were recently discovered, but it has been proven to be effective as a protective agent for Cannabis in stressful situations.

It is a multipurpose product that will also act as a fertilizer for your plants.

By using this product we will not have to worry about the lack of silicon in the substrate. By using Silic Boost you will be giving all the Silicon your plants need.

In short, it is a silicon rich product, which will allow your plants to have greater resistance when facing extreme heat or droughts that compromise their health.

With this product from Atami B'cuzz we will help to fight the stress produced by drought or excessive heat effectively, improve the nutrients absorption and, finally, it will also improve the plant's general health which means larger and better quality yields.

Silic Boost fits better with B'cuzz products entire range of products.

Silic Boost Usage

Silic Boost can be used in any type of growing enviroment, no matter if it is soil, coconut, hydro, aero... Moreover, you can also use it in your drip irrigation systems, since it will not generate sediments or obstructions in the irrigation pipes.

To use it, you must dilute 0.1 ml of product for every litre of irrigation water. You will have to apply it from the beginning of the vegetative growth stage, to give the plant all the Silicon it needs in time. You can use it until your plants start the flowering stage.

You can also use Silic Boost by spraying it on the leaves. To do this, add 0.5 ml of the product to every litre of water and start spraying the mixture on the face and back of the leaves. Remember that you cannot spray the buds with this product.