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ATA Organics Root C is Atami's 100% organic root bio stimulator. Its formula protects the roots and helps them to branch out extensively. The result, better feeded plants that offer better results.

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ATA Organics Root C Root Stimulator

Root C is a bio stimulator specially designed to strengthen and enhance the marijuana roots growth. This is a product provided by Atami, one of the most reputated Dutch Cannabis brands, great quality at the best price.

Root C belongs to the Ata Organics product line, Atami's 100% bio fertilizers, just made with organic ingredients. So if you are into organic marijuana growing, this root enhancer should be in your favor.

This enhancer strengthens the plant's root system while improve the nutrients uptake, so it will be easy to stay away of the typical marijuana nutrient deficiencies. Besides, Root C will make the plant's roots grow dramatically, helping them to create a good branching into the substrate. 

Root C will also help you to keep harmful pathogens, such as Fusarium or Pythium, away from the crop.

Roots are a fundamental part of cannabis plants. Most of the nutrients are absorbed through them, so using a product that reinforces and also protects them will help your plant to grow better and hassle free.

You can start using Root C during all the vegetative growth, which is when the roots can grow and branch out the most. If you supplement the use of Root C with growth stimulator, such as ATA Organics Growth C, from the same organic product line, you will be setting the basis for a great flowering stage. In this way, it is essential to prepare the plant for flowering.

The transition to the flowering phase is one of the key moments in the marijuana life cycle and making the plant strong and healthy when reducing the number of light hours is a crucial step in getting more resin and more of the best quality buds. During the flowering stage of marijuana you can continue to feeding it with ATA Organics Bloom C, the flowering fertilizer from Atami's ATA Organics.

ATA Organics Root C Dosage

ATA Organics Root C is very simple to use. You will have to dilute 1 to 5 ml of Root C for every litre of irrigation wate. You can also apply Root C during the entire vegetative growth stage and during the first week of flowering. This will make your plant enter into flowering phase at its best.

Root C can also be used on newly transplanted seedlings. To do this, keep the feeding between 1 ml and 5 ml of product to 1 litre of water.

0,28% Calcium

0,24% Potassium

0,23% Sodium

0,20% Magnesium

0,18% Phosphorus

0,11% Nitrogen

0,02% Boron

0,01% Iron


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