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ATA Terra Micro Kit is specially designed for those who are looking to feed just a few small plants. With Atami's ATA Terra Micro Kit you will have everything you need at a really low price.

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ATA Terra Micro Kit by Atami

In most cases, cannabis growers opt for smaller crops because of space, economic or legal problems. This type of small crop needs, like any other, a good dose of nutrients and trace elements to allow the plants to develop properly. You'll get all of this just buying one product, the ATA Terra Micro Kit, a product pack specially designed for small crops.

Forget about buying large 1 liter fertiliser bottles for your small crop, as there is usually a lot of leftovers and it ends up being a waste of resources. Atami, one of our selected fertilizer brands offers a solution to stop wasting thanks to a compact and perfect fertilizers pack to cover the nutrition needs of your plants.

In this way, Atami presents in the ATA Terra Micro Kit, it includes the same products that make this brand famous, but just in 100ml and 250ml formats. Why buy 2 litres of fertilizer if I am only going to use only 250ml? Atami has listened to its customers' suggestions and meets the needs of small growers with this full marijuana nutrient kit.

With the ATA Terra micro nutrients kit you can supply essential nutrients and trace elements to your plants throughout its entire life cycle, so you don't have to buy more products than you can find in this box.

Inside this kit you will find one bottle of Terra Leaves, the growth fertilizer for the vegetative stage. This product will give your plants the necessary vigour to develop a strong and resistant structure. In addition, you can complement the use of this fertilizer with Atami RootFast, included in the kit, one of the most effective root stimulators on the market, which will make the root system of your plants branch out explosively.

For flowering, the ATA Terra Micro Kit features Bloombastic, one of Atami's most popular products that will give your plants the strength to  get an explosive flowering. Thanks to its formula, which is rich in potassium and phosphorus, your plants will start to develop the most voluminous and rocky buds you can imagine. It also encourages the resin proliferation and sugars, which will make your plant play in the first division.

For the beginners, this ATA Terra Micro Kit has a complete growing table in which you will find perfectly detailed what quantity and how long you will have to apply each product.

What does the ATA Terra Micro Kit include?

  • 250ml of Terra Leaves
  • 250ml of Terra Max
  • 100ml of Rootfast
  • 100ml of Atazyme
  • 50ml of Bloombastic


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