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Atami RootFast is the root stimulator that will provide the nutrients needed for increasing the roots performance and also protect them from harmful elements.

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RootFast Root Stimulator from Atami ATA

Rootfast is a root stimulator designed to enhance the growth of the marijuana plants root system. It is produced by Atami, one of the most popular Cannabis growing companies in the market. Using Rootfast you will have healthier, more protected and stronger roots. You will notice the results later in your harvest, with bigger and thicker, resin-filled buds.

One of the biggest advantages of Rootfast root stimulator is that it can be used in all growing systems. This way you can use it to enhance the roots in soil and coco substrates. Even you can use it in hydroponics and aeroponics, where the roots always need extra protection.

In addition to protection, Atami RootFast will improve the plants' ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. The roots are the main way in which the plant takes in nutrients, so investing a little money in a product designed for them will be always well worth it.

Without a doubt, the protection layer that Rootfast applies to the plant's roots is perfect to avoid pests. Harmful pathogens will be kept away from your roots thanks to Rootfast, maintaining a healthy and balanced substrate.

Like all Atami products, RootFast has a great price/performance ratio. Moreover, the amount of product you have to add to the water, as we will see later, is really small, so don't hesitate to buy this great product for your plants' roots.

How to use RootFast

The perfect time to use RootFast is during the first 2 weeks of the plant's life cycle, when the roots still are looking to expand and more protection is needed. we recommend you to complement RootFast with an oxygenated substrate and prepare yourself to obtain a wonderful root system for your plant: remeber taht is the the best possible foundation for your buds.

To use it, you have to dilute 1 ml of the product for every litre of water we use. Once the mixing is properly done, water the plant with it during the first weeks of growth and repeat the process at the beginning of the flowering stage. It can also be used when transplanting a seedling into its final pot.