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ATA CalMag is the calcium and magnesium marijuana supplement that will give this 2 essential macronutrients for your plants when watering with soft or demineralized water.

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ATA CalMag Calcium and Magnesium Supplement

ATA CalMag is a marijuana growing supplement that will provide all the calcium and magnesium your plants need to grow at their best. It is a product manufactured by Atami, one of the most popular brands of growing Cannabis products because of its price and quality.

With this product we will be providing all the calcium and magnesium that your plants need to have an explosive growth. Do you want to have plants like the ones in seeds catalogues? try ATA CalMag, it gives that extra push your plants need to show those spectacular results.

The Calmag a formula is specially designed for crops that use soft or demineralized water, as it will provide enough minerals without causing excess. As you probably know, the use of demineralized or soft water could lead to nutrient deficiencies, mainly calcium and magnesium, with ATA CalMag this is not a problem anymore.

Therefore, the use of nutritional supplements, such as CalMag, when growing with less mineralized water is essential to have a successful harvest. CalMag can be used with the regular fertilization regime you have established in your crop. You can use this product in all types of crops, both soil, coconut and hydroponic. In addition, you will not have to worry about clogging up the irrigation channels, as it is a totally soluble product.

Furthermore, ATA CalMag is effective in all types of crops and it acts fast, so you will not need to wait for a long time to start noticing great results.

As if this were not enough, by introducing the use of the Calcium and Magnesium supplement CalMag, we will not only be covering the crop's calcium and magnesium needs, but also providing the substrate with secondary and very important Cannabis macronutrients. These are essential for better cell wall construction, as well as improving the ability to absorb light energy.

Usage of of ATA CalMag

CalMag can be used in all phases, growth and flowering, when a calcium and magnesium deficiency is determined. Apply from 0.1 to 1 ml of ATA CalMag per liter of irrigation water. As younger the plant the less is the need of this product.