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Cannabis Roots: The Best Root Stimulators

Using root enhancers during the first weeks of cultivation can make a big difference to the final harvest. They help to give the plant’s roots the extra boost they need to produce more and better yields. On this page you can find an overview and you can access our new videos about the best root stimulators and the best root biostimulators.

The Best Root Stimulators
The best organic root boosters

In today’s article you’ll understand what these marijuana roots stimulators are all about. We’ll also show you when it’s best to apply root stimulators and how to do it. Finally, we will offer you our best marijuana root enhancers selection.

The goal of this article is to get more people to use this kind of stimulators. In this way, there are many growers who do not use them and who could see their crops optimized if they began to use them. Continue reading if you want to improve the root system of your plants and increase your harvests.

enraizantes para la marihuana

What are marijuana root stimulators?

Marijuana root stimulators, formulated based on rooting hormones, vitamines and many other components, are products that enhance the root system of Cannabis plants. In this way, using it in the first weeks of cultivation and after the marijuana transplants, helps them to get better rooting. As a result, the plants generate new roots that allow them to maintain appropriate nutrient levels.

The rooting recipe for marijuana has 5 types of rooting hormones. Also known as phytohormones. In this way, we find auxins, abscistic acid, cytokines, ethylene and gibberellins. For marijuana to take root properly, there has to be a proportion between the cytokines and auxins. The auxins are, to understand properly, food for the roots.

As the primary basis of plant nutrition, the roots ensure optimal development of Cannabis plants throughout its different stages of its growth cycle. Its medium is the substrate, and the use of rooting stimulators helps to improve the quality of it, while increase plants defenses against fungi or pests.

When to use root stimulators for marijuana?

The key moment for the use of marijuana rooting enhancers is just in the begining, in the germination. For the water you use to germinate the seeds, add half of the recommended dose for the root stimulator used, this way you will increase your germination ratio.

The first irrigation that we carry out we must apply the manufacturer recommended dosing. Usually root stimulators can be applied until the second week of growing, but some manufactures extends the treatment some weeks more.

After this stage, it will not be so necessary to continue using this product, since the plant has already optimized its root system. The result has to be healthy roots that favor a successful and explosive harvest.

Marijuana clones rooting hormones

A lot of growers think that cuttings are the best way to ensure preservation of Cannabis genetics. In addition, they save growers a lot of time and money when planting a large number of plants. This is one of the most efficient growing techniques.

In order to be successful with cuttings, the use of rooting stimulators for marijuana is fundamental, since it is a very volatile and delicate vegetable matter. As well as some special hormones to make grow the root where there is not, they are called rooting hormones for cuttings and only have to be used for clones and not to improve the roots in a crop.

Many times, it is a matter of luck and the key is in trial and error, until we find the procedure or the mother plant that works best. Therefore, when we cultivate plants from cuttings it is very important the use of rooting for the marijuana so that the root system takes strength and vitality.

There are products for roots based on minerals and there are also the products based on organic rooting hormones. Rooting enhancers also are in worm humus or guano.

The best marijuana rooting stimulators

Next you will find a review of the best products to enhance marijuana roots. You will be able to find them in our marijuana seeds online store, together with best marijuana fertilizer manufacturers of the market. Read on to discover the best rooting stimulators products:

Canna Bio Rhizotonic

Canna Bio Rhizotonic is a certified 100% organic root stimulator. It has natural vitamins B1 and B2, it was designed to promote healthy root system and strong growth. Especially helps to increase the overall resistance of Cannabis.

Enraizantes para la marihuana

The best time to use this product is during the first week of crop growth. Using it in this way, we guarantee a healthy and vigorous growth of the roots. However, the Canna Bio Rhizotonic stimulator is ideal for the treatment of cuttings that have been subjected to stress or have suffered from diseases after being transplanted.

It can be used in both for indoor and outdoor crops. It can be used with water. Using a dose of 2 to 4 ml per liter of irrigation water. Once we have diluted the solution, we will have to use it in the next 24 hours in order not to lose any property.

Root Juice

We continue our review of the best marijuana rooting with Biobizz’s Root Juice. This fertilizer house is known for its range of biological and environmentally friendly products. It will become your best ally if you have in your hands a culture of organic marijuana.

This is a 100% bio root stimulator that strengthens the plants root system, improving the absorption of nutrients. In this way, it favors the development of beneficial microorganisms in the root zone. These microorganisms, in addition to improving nutrient uptake, clean toxins and other wastes of the roots.

It is a product intended for soil, coconut, hydro or aeroponic crops. In short, it will adapt to your crop of any type. To apply it, we will have to wait until the first week of growth of the plant. When the roots are young and have to gain space in the substrate. The optimum dosage is from 1 to 4 ml per litre of water.

Voodo Juice

Voodo Juice stands out for being one of the marijuana rooting stimulators with most beneficial microbes. Thus, its formula contains up to 5 different microbes strains loaded with rooting hormones. As we have seen, these hormones improve the absorption of nutrients and makes the plant grow stronger.

Enraizantes para la marihuana

Microbes also promote root aeration. This means that plants have more oxygen and can breathe better. Better breathing encourages plants to find their space in the substrate optimally. It also causes the roots to capture and fix the nitrogen tosphorus, essential for the development of Cannabis.

Advanced Nutrients’ Voodo Juice promises an increase up to 90% in marijuana root mass. Being one of the most efficient and beneficial mineral based marijuana root stimulators.

You can use it in hydro, soil and aero without any problem. We advise you to let the water in the solution aerate for 30 minutes before using it, to avoid killing any microbes due to lack of oxygen.

Hesi Root Complex

To finish the review of the best rooting for marijuana, let’s go with the Hesi root complex. Hesi is a manufacturer of fertilizers with a lot of tradition in the cannabis sector. In this way, its rooting stimulates the growth of the root system from day one, improving nutrition and resistance of the plant.

Enraizantes para la marihuana

Its formula based on essential trace elements, enzymes and amino acids, such as vitamins B1 and B2, is proven to promote the nutrients assimilation. This translates into greater vitality and more abundant and better quality harvests. This product will also make your plants succeed in adverse situations, such as diseases and pests.

It is a product based on rooting hormones prepared for use in any type of growing medium. It is recommended to use it with cuttings to favour the creation of your root system. It is also recommended to be used to treat problems that may have appeared in recently transplanted plants.

To apply the Hesi root complex, the manufacturer’s recommended dilution is 25 ml per 10 litres of water. In case of having to treat a deeply stressed plant, a cuttings or a young plant that is still rooting, it is recommended to dilute 50 ml of product for every 10 liters of water.

If you liked this article about marijuana root stimulators, we recommend more readings for you, like Five home remedies for marijuana (molds and pests) and Washing Marijuana Roots: What It Is and Why It Matters.

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