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Wreckage marijuana seeds review

The Wreckage from TH Seeds is a cross between the Indica dominant Trainwreck, a strong cannabis strain, and the mythical Haze. The result is a super-strong plant with many high THC and other cannabinoids. The Wreckage is a plant with strong characteristics and heavy yields. This is one of the most popular strains within the TH Seeds catalogue. Wreckage seeds are available in our online store.


Wreckage characteristics

Wreckage appearance is medium/tall plants with a rich dark amber color, but they are not extremely thick. It can be good for indoors too but taking care of giving only a few days of growing before to switch to flowering period.

Wreckage has an aroma of pine trees, berry and sweet flowers. When you taste it, its flavor is mainly herbal, with sweet and floral touchs, a delicious mix for those who like herbal taste. A wonderful and delicious smoke for them.

The overall impression of Wreckage is very good, plants with light amber to dark amber color. How much yield produces Wreckage is dependent upon a number of factors but it is very clear that the amount of flowers will be better than the most of the other Cannabis plants. If you want great amounts of high quality hybrid sativa buds, Wreckage is one of the best tools available to you.

Wreckage effects

This strain has an high THC content, and has a sweet and potent high. However, it is not very high in CBD and produces a more euphoric buzz. This strain is not suitable to use as a couch or lounge strain, since it has a very euphoric high that is easy to feel.

Wreckage is a powerful marijuana strain its clean, potent and energetic high can make you feel like you have a very strong feeling of cheer or to do any kind of task. The effects of this strain are a little bit short-lived. If you do have to smoke this strain, make sure you don’t smoke it at night or will be complicated to get good sleep, instead you can have the feeling to going out.

Wreckage yield

Wreckage is a fairly good producer, offering a nice amount of high quality flowers to growers. Approximately its best mark indoors is 500gr/m2, while when is cultivated outdoors it can produces up to 800gr/plant.

As a hybrid with Sativa genetics harvesting will take a little bit longer, but usually when you have to wait more for something, the better are the results. This law complaints with Wreckage too, flowering takes ten weeks indoors and when grown outdoors it has to be cutted one month after the end of the summer. But hey, the outcome will be priceless, as TH Seeds guarantees their best genetics in this seeds.

Tips for growing

This is an strain that is not suitable for beginners, as is a tall and late harvesting plant. About its height the best way to control it is having a short growing, 15 days will be enough prior to switch the photoperiod to flowering, while outdoors prune or small containers can do the job.Wreckage can handle some problems better than other strains, it is a little bit resistant to plagues and diseases. Growers shall only take care of humidity, the big dense buds of this lady could be the perfect spot to crush for some molds.

Just a reminder for Wreckage and all other cannabis strains, having a healthy root system from the scratch is the best way to avoid dangers, check out our marijuana root stimulators review.

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Wreckage marijuana seeds review
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