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TH Seeds' Wreckage marijuana seeds are a very exclusive strain, with incredible genetics and a sativa effect that will leave no one indifferent.


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Feminized Wreckage marijuana seeds

The feminized marijuana seeds Wreckage are the result of the work of the boys of TH Seeds with one of the most mythical strains of the world of the marijuana, the Trainwreck. To obtain more resistance and production this one has crossed with one of the most balanced genetics of the catalogue of TH Seeds, the S.A.G.E.

With a delicious touch of sativa and an exclusive taste, Wreckage promises to make the delights of all growers.

What is the structure of Wreckage?

Wreckage is a strain that gives rise to plants with a very vigorous growth influenced by its sativa part. Indoors it requires a lot of attention as it tends to stretch a lot during the flowering period. For this reason the bank advises rather short vegetative periods. At the end of flowering is a plant that offers excellent harvests and good amounts of resin, so it is ideal for extractions.

How much does Wreckage produce?

Wreckage yields tend to be quite high, all the more so since it is a strain with an important sativa influence. Indoors you can offer up to 500 grams per square meter while outdoors your production can reach 800 grams per plant.

What effect does Wreckage produce?

The final product of the Wreckage plants offers a powerful effect, with an important sativa influence. That's why it offers a clean, cerebral and mainly euphoric high, making it an ideal strain to share with friends. Also for this reason is indicated to combat depression.

What does Wreckage taste like?

The aroma and taste of Wreckage stands out mainly for its herbal nuances. In its tasting you can appreciate the flavors of pine and menthol with a touch of exotic woods

How is Wreckage grown?

Wreckage is a strain that requires a little attention and control in relation to its height, mainly when grown indoors. Otherwise it is a plant very resistant to pests and temperature. However, we must be very careful with humidity, as the density of its buds is the ideal breeding ground for mould.

In relation to flowering is a plant that takes about 70 to 80 days indoors while outdoors can be collected about a month after the end of summer.

Characteristics of Wreckage marijuana

  • Interior and exterior
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Hybrid 50%.
  • Genetics: Arcata Trainwreck x S.A.G.E.
  • Cannabinoids: THC and CBD not declared
  • Height: up to 1.3 mt, up to 2.5 mt outdoors
  • Flowering: 70-80 days (indoors) or about a month after the end of summer
  • Yield: up to 500 gr/m2 (indoor); outdoor up to 800 grams per plant
  • Plantation: Spring or all the year with artificial light.