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The Best 2020 Marijuana CBD enriched strains

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid present in marijuana plants, it is famous because its possibilities for medical uses and does not produce any psychoactive effect. Thus, it provides the benefits of CBD without leaving you stoned or high, so it can be consumed without having altered states of the mind. Today we bring you the list of the best 2020 marijuana CBD enriched strains.

The Best 2020 CBD Marijuana: Top 7 Varieties

The CBD is living good times, there are many scientific studies that support the therapeutic benefits that this cannabinoid can bring to people and animals. Moreover, it is the best way to know the organoleptic and therapeutical properties of marijuana without feeling psychoactive effects. For this reason, CBD is trending all over the world.

Alpine Delight CBD

We start the list of the best marijuana with high CBD levels of 2020 with an autoflowering variety. This is the case with the Alpine Delight CBD from the Sensi Seeds seed bank, a strain with high CBD, low THC and such interesting characteristics as resistance to bad weather and good production.

To obtain the Alpine Delight CBD, the Swiss Dream and Skunk varieties have been crossed by the Sensi Seeds breeders. The result is a Cannabis strain that thrives well in even when it is grown in high altitudes.

La marihuana con CBD alto de 2020 es querida por sus efectos terapéuticos.

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The genetic heritage of this variety has made it short and compact. It has a fairly short full life cycle of only 9-10 weeks, both in outdoor and indoor. To thrive indoors, it requires 18 hours of light per day, while outdoors it needs 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Although Sensi Seeds does not report a specific production amount, they do report a high production capacity. This means that it could easily produce between 450 grams and 550 grams per square meter indoors.

Alpine Delight CBD has 30 times more CBD than THC so you will feel all the benefits of cannabidiol without getting high. Finally, the flavour is mainly fruity, with a touch of Skunk and light spicy aromas. In short, a complex and delicious aromatic profile.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel

Dutch Passion has always been known for its high THC strains, until it introduced its CBD Charlotte’s Angel, its first strain with less than 1% of THC and all the cannabidiol that can be demanded from a variety listed as the best high CBD marijuana of 2020.

To obtain this photo-dependent feminized variety, the Dutch Passion breeders combined two CBD-rich strains from their private resrve, such as Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel. The result is a medicinal strain with all the benefits of CBD and no psychoactive effects.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, so it has a medium internodal distance and long resinous bud-tails. It has a slighty longer flowering period, this way, it will take 9 to 12 weeks to finish its flowering phase and be ready to harvest.

EL mejor ejemplar de marihuana con CBd es aquel que es fácil de cultivar y tiene mucho cannabidiol.

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However, the result is worthwhile, although Dutch Passion does not provide production figures, they do claim that it is a variety with very high production, both indoors and outdoors.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is able to produce up to 16% of CBD and less than 1% THC, making it one of the best high CBD marijuana of 2020. Its aroma is highly appreciated for its intense herbal and frutity flavours.

Blue Dream CBD

In the list of the best high CBD marijuana of 2020, THC-CBD balanced strains like the Blue Dream CBD from Humboldt Seeds cannot be missing. Other highlights of this strain with high amounts of cannabidiol are its complex flavour and the great amount of buds its able to produce.

This is a 65% Sativa hybrid marijuana and is the result of crossing the legendary Blue Dream from Humboldt Seeds with the CBD version of another classic from this seed bank: the California Orange CBD. The result is a new variety with a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1. Balanced, with some psychoactive effects and all the benefits of cannabidiol.

It grows to an average height indoors and develops long internodal distances, however, outdoors it can grow up to 4 metres. The buds are scattered in long lines and are bulky and dense. One of the most striking aspects of the Blue Dream CBD is its ability to show off bright blue colouring at the end of the flowering phase.

La mejor marihuana con CBD alto de 2020 cuenta con beneficios terapéuticos.

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It has an average flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks in the case of indoor growing. In the case of outdoor cultivation, it will be ready to harvest two weeks after the end of the summer. It produces quite a lot, as it can yield up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 3 kilos of dried buds outdoors.

It has 10% of CBD and 10% of THC, so the users will feel the some psychoactive effects and all the therapeutic benefits of CBD at the same time. Taste is one of the reasons why the Blue Dream CBD is on the list of the best high CBD marijuana of 2020, as it stands out for its complex taste, a mixture of citrus, sweet and spicy aromas.

Himalayan CBD

We reached the middle of the list of the best high CBD marijuana of 2020 with Sensi Seeds’ Himalayan CBD. This is a variety that comes directly from the Sensi Research programme to bring back premium specimens from all over the world.

The origins of this variety are sticked to the strains of the Hindu Kush area, which gives it all the resistance and production capacity, it was crossed with a Sensi Seeds high CBD strain of secret origin. The result is a variety that offers both THC and CBD cannabinoids, although it offers twice as much CBD as THC.

The Himalayan CBD is an Indica-dominant hybrid with medium size and compact look. Almost all buds are produced in a large central tail, which is filled with resin from bottom to top. It is a strong and easy to grow plant that has an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks indoors. Outdoors it is harvested the week after the end of the summer.

Uno de los beneficios de la mejor marihuana con CBD alto de 2020 es su relajación.

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Sensi Seeds does not report the average production figure achieved with the Himalayan CBD, but confirms that it is a variety with XXL yields, which is why it is in the best CBD high marijuana selection for 2020.

Its effects are balanced and having some THC it can produce certain psychoactive effects. However, it has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:2, so it has twice as much CBD. Its main flavour is earthy and exquisite, this variety offers a dense and full-bodied puff of smoke with a very pleasant taste.

CBD Auto 20:1

We continue with another of the best marijuana with CBD high of 2020 and low THC. In this case we are talking about the CBD Auto 20:1. This is the first autoflowering CBD strain from the Fast Buds seed bank, one of our favourites for its ability to produce the highest quality in autoflowering strains.

The genetics of the CBD Auto 20:1 have not been specified, although we advance that it is an autoflowering hybrid with vigorous and fast growth. It is low in height and will not exceed 90 cm.

It has a fairly short complete life cycle of 9 weeks. During this time it will be able to produce very good yields. In this way, its indoor production can be established at around 500 grams per square metre. Outdoors it can produce up to 150 grams per plant.

Podrás cultivar la mejor marihuana con CBD alto de 2020 en todos los medios de cultivo.

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This is a variety without psychoactive effects, therefore it can be used in daily life, for work, study or any type of activity, since it does not produce high. But, it can offer up to 20% CBD, which makes it ideal for feeling the benefits of cannabidiol in all its splendour.

The taste of the CBD Auto 20:1 is sweet, reminiscent of the honey, but light and pleasant.

CBD Crack

We continue our list of the best high CBD marijuana of 2020 with another strain packed with Cannabidiol from the Fast Buds seed bank. This is the CBD Crack, a CBD enriched variety, with excellent medicinal properties and low THC.

In order to obtain this specimen, Fast Buds have crossed their well-known Green Crack with an autoflowering strain with tons of CBD. The result is a hybrid Cannabis strain with vigorous growth but short height. To maximize its yield, it is recommended to apply a LST training technique.

Descubre este ejemplar de CBd Crack cargado de terpenos.

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One of its most impressive features is its ability to display very striking purple colours. It offers special coloured and compact flowers, full of resins and all the cannabidiol properties, which is why it is in our selection of the best high CBD marijuana of 2020.

It has a full life cycle of 10-11 weeks and in that time it is capable of producing large amounts of buds. In this way, it can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors, while outdoors it can produce up to 250 grams per plant.

Its effects are a little bit noticiable, as it has low THC, but rather than them the benefits of CBD in your body. Finally, the flavour is delicious thanks to the combination of fruity aromas of mango, with spicy, citrus and cinnamon notes.

Dinamed Plus CBD

We finish our list with the best CBD enriched marijuana of 2020 with the Dinamed Plus CBD from Dinafem, which is already a classic with a high concentration of cannabidiol. This is an ideal strain for those who do not want psychoactive effects at all but want all the advantages of CBD.

In order to create this genetics, Dinafem has selected the best plants of its Dinamed CBD 5 and the result is a variety with a predominantly Sativa genetics and an average internodal distance. Its height is medium-high and it behaves very well at low temperatures, when the plant shows very attractive purple colours.

It has an average flowering period that takes between 55 and 65 days in the case of indoor crops. In the case of outdoor crops, this variety is harvested the week when the summer ends.

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Its yield is very good, as it can produce up to 500 grams per square metre indoors and up to one kilo per plant outdoors. Also, its aroma is highly appreciated for its citrus notes and fruity aromas.

This has been our entire article on the best high CBD marijuana of 2020, visit our CBD seeds section to see them all. If you liked the article, why don’t you read our articles about The Best Spanish Seed banks or The best 2020 Outdoor strains.

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