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The Best XXL Seeds | Awarded XXL Autoflowering Strains

The XXL autoflowering seeds gives the best of automatic strains, combining large yields and very fast flowering. In today’s list we bring you the best quality and largest automatic marijuana strains, perfect for planting indoors or outdoors and getting a top notch harvest in just a few weeks.

The Best XXL Seeds

The autoflowering strains have many advantages, among them are the fast flowering, as they are not photodependent, and their high resistance. The latter is due to the fact that automatic strains are crossed with rudelaris varieties, which means that they are stronger and do not require a certain light cycle to bloom. These plants are usually smaller, unless we are talking about XXL autoflowering seeds. This kind of seeds gives rise to larger plants and, consequently, higher yields.

Moby Dick XXL

Retaining all the organoleptic qualities of the original Moby Dick strain, the XXL autoflowering version is the Moby Dick XXL and is brought to us by Dinafem. This is a strain with impressive characteristics, firstly, this specimen is the result of the cross between the White Widow XXL Auto with a Haze XXL Auto, which guarantees top quality genetics.

It is a hybrid strain that gives the best of both worlds: an active and happy start and a more relaxed final effect. Although its THC level is not indicated, Dinafem claims that it is very high, being probably one of the most powerful strains of XXL autoflowering seeds.

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Its aroma is also spectacular, a mixture of citrus, pine and woods, very genuine. In addition, the sweet notes are also noticeable.

Morphologically it is a slender and resistant plant, it produces large leaves with long internodal distance. One of its most remarkable characteristics is its fast flowering. In fact, in just 80 days the resinous and rocky buds will be ready to harvest.

And we save the best for the end, because even being an autoflowering strain, the Moby Dick XXL produces a lot. In this way, it can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors, a figure very similar to photoperiodic plants. On the other hand, it can give up to 200 grams per plant outdoors.

Big Devil XL

We continue the best XXL autoflowering seeds ranking with the Big Devil XL from Sweet Seeds, which is already a classic among automatic strains lovers looking for big sizes. It comes from the crossing of a Jack Herer with a Big Devil 2. This assures a hybrid marijuana genetics with powerful psychoactive effects and more than good yields.

The Big Devil XL manages to reach more than 1,60 meters of height, a great size for an autoflowering variety. This is translated in really generous harvests, in fact, it is one of the most productive auto strains of the panorama. Thus, it comes to produce up to 650 grams per square meter indoors, exceeding many photoperiodic strains and up to 350 grams per plant outdoors.

Semillas autoflorecientes xxl

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Best of all, it will produce flowers in record time, as it will only take 10 weeks to be ready for harvest. What is certain is that you need a little more extra space for this marvellous strain, as the plant is really tall. But it is worth it if we think about the production it offers.

The effects are mainly relaxing and at the same time, and thanks to its Herer genes, it provides some stimulation and creativity. Its aroma is special and delicate. During the tasting, flavours that remind incense, aromatic herbs and citrus fruits such as lemon can be clearly noted.

Autodaiquiri Lime

The Autodaiquiri Lime is an Autoflowering XXL strain of American origin, which comes from the cross of a California Orange with a Sour Diesel. These two are some of the most appreciated American strains, for their aroma and effects.

It is a special plant with 100% Sativa dominance, with great height and long internodal distances. Despite her Sativa genes, this strain that can reach 1.5 meters in height can get her maximum production in only 11 weeks from the moment the seed is planted.

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Its effects are balanced and powerful, although it does not have exact THC values, the creators of Autodaiquiri Lime Auto said that it can provide high doses of energy and stimulation. It provides also somewhat psychoactive effects, with a feeling of body relaxation that is accompanied by a long-lasting and very cerebral journey.

Its organoleptic properties provide a delicious, fresh, fruity and citrus aroma, reminiscent, as its name suggests, of the Daiquiri cocktail. It is therefore included in the strains of marijuana with a tropical papaya or mango flavour.

Like all the strains on this list, Autodaiquiri Lime has high resistance to fungus and pests and does not present special complications when it comes to growing it. This is why it is a variety that can be recommended for the more novice growers.

Jack 47 XL Auto

As a result of a long and hard genetic selection process comes this wonderful example of XXL autoflowering seeds, the Jack 47 XL Auto from Sweet Seeds. This variety comes from the selection of the larger Jack 47 Auto specimens. In this way, Sweet Seeds obtained an automatic variety of third generation with a very high yield to create this strain.

It is a tall plant, as it can easily surpass 130 cm in height but it is very easy to grow. In this way, due to its height, we have to reserve a generous space so that this plant does not have growth problems, anyway, you can always apply a SCROG to control its large size. The final result provides very compact and resinous buds, perfect for resin extractions.

Semillas autoflorecientes XXL

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Thanks to its size, the Jack 47 XL Auto brings in large harvests. In only 9 weeks from germination, this strain can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 200 grams per plant if we choose to plant it outdoors.

As for its effects, this strain inherits the best of its progenitor: powerful, very powerful effects. In fact, it is one of the most powerful automatic strains on the market. Its effects are characterized by being balanced and very intense. At first, it shows cerebral effects, to end with a very relaxing narcotic relaxation sensation.

Its aroma is another of its highlights, this variety has citric and fruity aromas, which mingle in the mouth with incense notes.

Amnesia XXL Auto

To finish this selection of the best XXL autoflowering seeds we go to the Amnesia Auto XXL. This is an ideal strain for sativa lovers who do not want to give up high yields and fast flowering. During the process of creating this strain Dinafem have tried to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the original Amnesia which became so popular in 1994.

The result is a plant with a high and stylish bearing and a massive yield for a plant with automatic characteristics. It is an easy to grow strain with good resistance to mould and pests.

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It has a very fast flowering time, ranging from 75 to 90 days. During this time, it will produce very generous harvests for an autoflowering sativa variety. This way, it reaches 500 grams of production per square meter indoors and up to 170 grams per plant outdoors. At the end of the flowering it develops resinous and sticky buds that are reminiscent of the original Amnesia strain. A trick to increase its productivity even more, is to use 30% coconut substrate, as the roots will receive more oxygen and grow healthier and stronger.

Its aroma is complex and delicious, with aromas ranging from pine to lemon to herbal, without leaving a typical Haze flavour that intertwines with the rest of the olfactory notes.

The effects are very powerful due to its large amount of THC, mainly cerebral and quite long-lasting. This is a marijuana for socializing, however, due to its power, it is not recommended for novices.

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The Best XXL Seeds | Awarded XXL Autoflowering Strains
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