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Experiencia Natural Affiliate Program

At Marijuana Seeds shop Experiencia Natural we want you to be part of our team, so here’s your chance to become an affiliate partner. This way you can share our products online and earn a commission on every sale made thanks to you.

You can share the links with your affiliate number wherever and however you want, on websites, blogs, social networks, whatsapp, etc… People will be able to click on those links and be directed to our website, then if you pay an order you get a 10% commission.

Become an Experiencia Natural Affiliate Partner

The affiliate system is very simple, you only have to apply for registration by clicking on the button below, then you’ll have your application approved in a few days. In order to apply to be an affiliate partner you must first have a customer account with us, in case you don’t have one click here to register.

Affiliate Button

Once into your customer area, you simply have to click on the box to accept the conditions, fill in the Introduction about you in the field (optional) and send your application. You should not try to fill in any personal details as we already have them on your customer account.

Step 1: Click on the acceptance box.


Step 2: Click the “Send Application” button.


In summary, click on the acceptance box, describe how you intend to use the system and click on “Send application”. After approval you will receive an email with initial instructions and a link to get to this page and continue reading the detailed instructions.

I’m already approved. How does it work?

Once you have your customer account on our website and your affiliate partner application has been approved you will be able to see new options in your customer area, click on the left in the “Affiliate Program” section if you do not see them.

Step 3: Log in to your customer account on our website and click on “Affiliate Program”. On this screen you can see how your earnings are going in detail as soon as you start making sales.

Step 4: Click on the top right hand side where it says “affiliate products”.


Once inside affiliate products will show a link for each of the products in the store, so there are hundreds of links to choose from, but do not worry, there is a very simple way to make all the links you want in a moment, we tell you after the next image where you can see the screen with the links.

Step 5: Click on any of the copy buttons next to each link. If you just want to share a link directly you can paste it where you want to share it.


What assigns your sales is the final part of the link, for example this is a link to a product with affiliate information:

It’s a link to share the Plus Speed product, as you can see the final part of the link carries affiliate information, which is what identifies your sales. In this example ?affp=43, in your case it will be ?affp=yourcustomernumber.

This way you don’t need to copy each of the links one by one, simply add ?affp=yourcustomernumber to any of our pages or products and the sales that are made will be added to your account.

You can also use software to save all our URLs in a file and then add your affiliate information in bulk to it with LibreOffice or another program that allows you to edit the file, so you can have all our products ready to share with your affiliate information in a moment.

Step 6: paste the link/s on your website, blog, social networks or wherever you want and promote it to start earning sales!

You can also sign up for our loyalty program and for every purchase you make you accumulate % for future purchases.

You can contact our support for any questions. Good sale!

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