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Cannabis Strains

In this blog we talk about some of the best known marijuana strains, from here you can explore our articles selection and discover reviews and cultivation tips associated with the reviewed marijuana strains.

It is called strain to a Cannabis specie or breed, each strain has things in common with other strains and also has others that make it unique and incomparable for certain uses, whether medicinal or recreational.

Each strain can be made from one or more crosses, it can also be a strain that has developed naturally in an isolated space and has only crossed naturally with itself over a long period of time, this is often known as landraces. It is a strain adapted to a climate and with characteristics that persist.

The marijuana strains articles are ordered by the main effect that each one usually produces, although marijuana is very subjective we will try to give guidance based on other users experiences. Leave your comments if you’ve tried one, have you had an experience as described?