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The Best Autoflowering Outdoor Seeds

At Experiencia Natural’s we offer you the lists of the best Cannabis strains in the world, in today’s content we took a deep dive at the best autoflowering outdoor seeds. We hope you like it, leave us your comments and do not forget to leave your rating at the end, so we know you like it, and we will make more content of this style.

The best autoflowering seeds outdoor

For the cannabis enthusiast, outdoor autoflowering seeds are a subject of immense interest. These botanical marvels offer a plethora of benefits to growers. Let’s explore the intriguing journey of these autoflowering gems.

Tracking the Autoflowering Roots

The etymology of autoflowering is rooted in the science of botany, specifically in cannabis growing circles. The term, which combines the prefix “auto-” (meaning “by itself”) and the verb “to flower”, accurately describes the unique behaviour of certain strains of cannabis. These strains, as opposed to traditional strains, make an autonomous transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase, without the need for human intervention in manipulating the light cycle.

This automatic flowering phenomenon is a gift of nature, an evolutionary adaptation of certain cannabis plants to survive in more hostile climates and regions with less available sunlight. Autoflowering strains, such as Cannabis Ruderalis, are famous for this trait. This characteristic sets them apart from most “normal” cannabis strains, which are photoperiodic.

And what does photoperiodic mean? Photoperiodic plants are those that respond to changes in the light and dark cycle to trigger specific biological events, such as flowering. This means that as the hours of daylight grow each day, the plants are in vegetative growth, and conversely, when the hours drop below a certain point, the plants move into the next state of flowering.

Thus, the term “autoflowering”not only represents a word in the cannabis grower’s dictionary, but also symbolises the ingenuity of mother nature and the continual evolution of cannabis growing practices. The term “autoflowering”is not only a word in the cannabis grower’s dictionary, but also symbolises the ingenuity of mother nature and the continual evolution of cannabis growing practices.

Understanding the outdoor growing environment

The outdoor growing environment is a term that refers to the method of growing plants in natural conditions, completely at the mercy of the elements. This approach involves planting in the open, where the plants have access to natural sunlight, rainwater, and are subject to fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Outdoor growing brings with it a number of unique advantages. Sunlight, a completely natural and free source of energy, is an essential component of plant photosynthesis. Unlike artificial light, sunlight contains the full spectrum of light necessary for healthy plant growth. In addition, plants grown outdoors have more room to grow and expand.

Rainwater, another free natural resource, can be especially beneficial to plants. It often contains essential micronutrients not found in tap water and lacks chlorine, a common component of tap water that can be harmful to plants when applied in large quantities.

Despite the many advantages, outdoor growing also presents challenges. Plants are exposed to weather conditions and can be susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy rain and strong wind. In addition, pests and diseases can be more of a problem outdoors, where plants are in direct contact with insects, animals and other pathogens. Pests and diseases can be more of a problem outdoors, where plants are in direct contact with insects, animals and other pathogens.

Desired traits of outdoor autoflowering seeds

  • Fast Harvest: Automatic strains are known for their fast growth cycle, which makes them ideal for outdoor growing
  • Compact and discreet: Seeds that produce compact plants are ideal for outdoor growing, especially in areas where space may be limited or discretion is important.
  • Pest and disease resistance: Pest and disease resistant varieties are especially valuable in outdoor growing environments, where these threats may be more prevalent.
  • High yield: Despite their compact size, high quality autoflowering seeds should have the potential to produce a generous yield of cannabinoid-rich flowers.

Best brands of autoflowering outdoor seeds

When it comes to premium outdoor autoflowering seeds, brands like Fast Buds, Seedstockers, Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion and Sensi Seeds are leading the way, providing a range of cutting-edge, high-quality strains. Click on the links to find out more about each of these top marijuana seed banks.

Top Autoflowering Seeds for Outdoors

Barney’s Farm’s GMO Auto is an autoflowering strain packed with desirable traits for growers of all experience levels. With a full 70-75 day cycle, its fast growth makes it an optimal choice for those looking to maximise yields. Reaching heights of 90-110cm indoors and 100-130cm outdoors, this cannabis strain is mould and pest resistant and adapts well to small spaces.

The yields of GMO Auto are impressive, with up to 600g/m2 indoors and 200-300g per plant outdoors, making it probably Barney’s Farm’s most productive autoflowering strain. Its high THC level of 24% provides a robust and balanced effect, producing a feeling of deep relaxation and calmness.

In addition to its high yields and potent effects, GMO Auto is renowned for its pleasant organoleptic profile. Its flowers give off a strong, diesel aroma, with hints of garlic and earthy undertones. With GMO x BF Super Auto #1 genetics and an 80% Sativa genotype, this strain is a real delight to grow and enjoy.

Best GMO AUTO outdoor autoflowering plants

The L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto by Silent Seeds is a high quality autoflowering cannabis strain, resulting from the cross between the classic L.A. Vanilla Cake and a Ruderalis variety. This seed stands out for its aromatic and gourmet dessert taste profile, its genetic stability and its vigorous growth.

The L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto plant, with its dwarf, Christmas tree-like structure, is characterised by its central stem and multiple secondary branches. Although its full cycle from seed to harvest can be a little long for an autoflowering strain, around 9-10 weeks, the wait is rewarded with generous harvests of dense, compact buds with impressive trichome resin production. When you’re ready to harvest, you’ll be rewarded with generous harvests of dense, compact buds with impressive trichome resin production.

This Indica-dominant strain produces the effects typical of Indica strains. Consuming L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto results in a pleasant and deeply relaxing sensation with a good intensity of potency that lasts for a relatively long time. In terms of its organoleptic profile, this strain delights with its delicate, gourmet aroma and flavour, reminiscent of bakery desserts, such as cream-filled vanilla cakes, ripe fruits and meringue, with fresh floral and earthy notes.

L.A. Vanilla Cake Auto by Silent Seeds has a high THC content, a flowering period of 7 weeks, and a maximum yield of 600g/m² indoors and up to 250g/plant outdoors.

Outdoor LA Vanilla Cake Auto
LA Vanilla Cake Auto

The Cookies and Cream Auto from Seedstockers is an extraordinary cannabis strain that captivates enthusiasts with its unique flavour profile and potent effects. This strain, which emerged from the union of Girl Scout Cookies, Starfighter and Northern Lights Auto, is known for its adaptability and ease of growth both indoors and outdoors.

With a life cycle of only 9-10 weeks, growers can expect a bumper harvest from this hardy and vigorous plant. Cookies and Cream Auto plants tend to range in height from medium to tall, making it suitable for a variety of growing spaces and techniques. With a relatively short flowering time, this strain is ideal for intermediate growers looking for a reliable and rewarding cannabis plant to grow.

The yield capacity of Cookies and Cream Auto is exceptional, offering huge yields in a short life cycle. With a high THC content of 23-26%, this exquisite hybrid strain promises a calming and relaxing experience. Its tantalising blend of sweet and creamy goodness, with an irresistible fusion of caramel and cream, creates an unparalleled flavour profile that lingers on your taste buds.

Features of Seedstockers Cookies and Cream Auto include a 9-10 week life cycle, adaptability for indoor/outdoor growing, hybrid dominance, massive yields, high THC content (23-26%), and a creamy caramel flavour with a relaxing effect.

Cookies and Cream Auto Seeds
Cookies and Cream Auto

Moby Dick Auto, by Fast Buds, is an autoflowering cannabis strain that offers a cross between the renowned White Widow and Haze strains. This plant is suitable for growers of all levels, as it is easy to grow and provides generous yields with little effort.

This strain exhibits Sativa characteristics, including long branches and medium to large internodal spacing. Although it is very tolerant to mistakes and requires minimal maintenance, it is important to consider that it can grow up to 150 cm, so it requires sufficient vertical space. In addition, it is recommended to use the Low Stress Training (LST) technique for better light penetration and air circulation. Moby Dick Auto produces large dark green buds with abundant dark orange hairs and sugary leaves. The buds are dense and covered with a shiny resin coating. Its physical appeal is complemented by an earthy, lemony and sweet floral aroma.

Moby Dick Auto seeds outdoor
Moby Dick Auto

Ztrawberriez Auto, by Fast Buds, is a potent cannabis strain with a THC content that can reach up to 25%. This strain, derived from the genetics of two premium Californian strains, produces large amounts of resin and high quality flowers, impressing even the most experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Ztrawberriez Auto is a hardy, low maintenance plant, making it ideal for novice growers. With a robust growth pattern, this strain can deliver bumper harvests of dense, trichome-covered flowers in just 9-10 weeks. Although it doesn’t require a lot of care, it produces consistently tasty and resinous buds.

The plant can grow to a height of 120cm, with long branches and thick buds that stack on top of each other, giving an impressive appearance. The buds are long and plump, light green with hints of purple, and are covered in a thick layer of resin that extends down to the sugar leaves, creating a remarkable visual appeal.

Ztrawberriez Auto
Ztrawberriez Auto

How to store autoflowering seeds outdoors

Storing your autoflowering seeds in a cool, dark place is crucial to preserve their germination potential. Airtight containers placed in a refrigerator usually provide the optimal storage environment. These seed containers should be kept at a stable temperature and humidity, always below 16 degrees Celsius and 60% humidity.

Shelf life of outdoor autoflowering seeds: What to expect

With proper storage, outdoor autoflowering seeds can remain viable for many years. However, they must be kept under strict conditions, or their germination rate tends to slow down over time, so this is recommended.

Final recommendations

All the outdoor seeds available at Experiencia Natural in the link below. We also leave you another link with the autoflowering strains available.

outdoor seeds
Outdoor marijuana seeds
Autoflowering Seeds
Autoflowering Seeds

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