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Best Feminized Seeds | Top 10 Cannabis Feminized Strains

Feminized seeds, meticulously bred to ensure the absence of male chromosomes, have revolutionized the cannabis world. From the intricate process of their creation to the iconic strains they’ve given birth to, feminized seeds represent the pinnacle of cannabis breeding. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 feminized strains, their unique characteristics, and the legacy they’ve etched in the annals of cannabis history.

What is a feminized Strain?

This feminized cannabis strains are specifically bred to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring that every plant grown from such seeds will flower as a female. This scientific achievement ensures that each plant originating from these seeds will exhibit female characteristics, producing the coveted buds without the risk of pollination from male plants. This innovation underscores the importance of advanced botanical research and its profound impact on the world of cannabis genetics.

How feminized seeds are produced?

They are created by prompting a female cannabis plant to generate pollen, a task typically reserved for male plants. This female-derived pollen is then used to pollinate another female plant. Since both contributors are female, the seeds produced carry exclusively female genetic information. The magic behind this lies in the artful manipulation of the plant’s natural reactions to certain stressors, cleverly deceiving it into generating seeds devoid of male chromosomes. Through such feminizing techniques, the world of cannabis genetics has been enriched, ensuring a lineage of plants that express only female traits.

Best seed banks creating Feminized Seeds

The world of cannabis breeding has seen the rise of several reputable seed banks that have contributed immensely to the quality and variety of strains available today. Renowned for their rigorous quality control and innovative breeding techniques, these seed banks have given us some of the most iconic feminized strains in history.

We will highlight the Dutch manufacturer Dutch Passion, as most of the stories about the first ones in achieving this milestone lead to them. Dutch Passion so, has the honour of being the first one in putting some feminized strains available to the public.

Advantage of feminized seeds

Feminized seeds offer growers a plethora of advantages. They eliminate the need for gender identification and the removal of male plants. This ensures a uniform crop, maximises yield, and simplifies the cultivation process. Moreover, feminized seeds often result in higher quality cannabis, as they come from genetically stable mothers with proven track records.

Top 10 of feminized Strains

Diving into the heart of our discussion, we present to you a curated selection of the finest feminized strains available today. This compilation harmoniously blends time-honoured classics with the latest entrants, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the most distinguished feminized cannabis seeds in history. So, without further ado, let’s start this amazing journey of the Top 10 Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

El Xupet Negre

El Xupet Negre is a remarkable feminized strain known for its vibrant flavours and robust growth patterns. Its genetics are shrouded in mystery, but its effects are undeniably potent and long-lasting. With a tantalising aroma and a taste profile that dances between sweet and earthy, it’s a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

el xupet negre
El Xupet Negre

El Xupet Negre stands out not just for its intriguing name but also for its balanced effects. It offers a harmonious blend of relaxation and cerebral stimulation, making it suitable for various occasions. Its resin-packed buds are a testament to its premium genetics, ensuring a delightful experience with every use.

AK 47

AK 47, a legendary hybrid feminized sativa dominant strain, is the result of a meticulous quadruple cross between Colombian, Mexican, Afghan, and Thai strains. Celebrated as one of the most renowned strains globally, AK 47 is not only easy to cultivate but also yields a generous harvest. Its compact stature is deceptive, as it produces an abundance of top-quality cannabis. The strain’s claim to fame, however, is its potent narcotic effect, accentuated with psychoactive undertones, attributed to its impressive 21.5% THC content.

ak 47 best marijuana strains
AK 47

Despite its sativa dominance, AK 47 boasts a relatively short flowering period, maturing in just 53-63 days indoors or a few weeks post-summer outdoors. As it nears maturity, the plant is adorned with bright, resin-coated flowers, contributing to yields ranging from 350-500g per square meter. Beyond its cultivation attributes, AK 47’s therapeutic potential is noteworthy, with its high THC levels making it a sought-after strain for various medical applications. Its stellar qualities have earned it numerous accolades, including the 2nd prize for the best sativa at the High Times Marijuana Cup.

Mimosa x Orange Punch

The Mimosa x Orange Punch seeds from Barney’s Farm represent a new cross between two highly demanded genetics, Mimosa Evo and Orange Punch. This 2021 novelty combines the successes of the past years into one seed, producing mostly Indica plants (65%). The strain is more compact than the original Mimosa Evo but maintains the same yield. With bright purple and orange colours, large flowers, and lots of resin, it’s a beauty that offers a fairly quick flowering time of 55-60 days indoors.

mimosa x orange punch
Mimosa x Orange Punch

Mimosa x Orange Punch is known for its high yield capacity, with indoor yields of up to 700gr/m2 and outdoor yields of up to 1.5kg/plant. The organoleptic properties are mainly citric, thanks to the beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene terpenes. Although the most common effects have not been described by Barney’s Farm, the strain’s up to 30% THC and Indica dominance suggest very intense effects. It’s a strain that combines aesthetics, potency, and unique citrus flavours into one remarkable package.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer, named after the renowned cannabis activist, stands as one of the most exquisite cannabis strains ever crafted. This feminized version by Sensi Seeds is a polyhybrid, with nearly three-quarters of its genetics leaning towards Sativa dominance. While the exact parentage remains a mystery, what’s certain is its esteemed reputation. The strain is highly sought after for its medicinal properties, making it a top prescription in Dutch dispensaries. Jack Herer’s unique flowering pattern resembles towering structures dripping with trichomes, and its flavour profile is a rich blend of incense, aged wood, metallic notes, citrus, and spices.

Jack Herer
Jack Herer

This feminised phenotype of Jack Herer is known for producing vigorous, easy to grow plants with dense buds full of high quality resin. The flowers bloom in a rather unique way, forming towers with dripping trichomes. It is a strain that adapts well to all types of substrates and cannabis-specific fertilisers. The effect of Jack Herer is potent, with THC levels that can reach up to 22%. It starts with a very clear-headed cerebral euphoria and then transforms into a relaxing, almost narcotic sensation.

B-45 By Booba

B-45 By Booba, a premium strain by Silent Seeds, is a unique cannabis variety resulting from the cross between (Florida OG x Pre’98 Bubba Kush) and Orange Punch #66. This Indica-dominant hybrid stands out for its remarkable vigor, robustness, and early production of abundant resin trichomes. It’s a strain that resonates with the energy and precision akin to the famous “Duc de Boulogne”, and its organoleptic properties offer a harmonious blend of fruity, creamy, silky, rich, delicate, earthy, and floral notes.

b45 by booba
B-45 By Booba

Designed to captivate international rap enthusiasts and discerning collectors alike, B-45 By Booba boasts an impressive production potential, yielding up to 600 g/m2 indoors and 1600 g/plant outdoors. Silent Seeds has meticulously crafted this strain to achieve elevations with a THC level surpassing 30%. This collectable cannabis seed promises a potent and enduring experience, reminiscent of the prowess of the American B-45 Tornado type bomber.

Kerosene Krash

Introduced by Dutch Passion, the feminized Kerosene Krash is a delightful blend of the striking Gorilla Glue #4 and Sherbert genetics. This union results in a strain that boasts an overpowering effect, making it a favourite among seasoned enthusiasts. The plant itself is of medium stature, adorned with numerous side branches that bear heavy, crystalline buds. Its resin is of exceptional quality, making it a prime candidate for extractions. The flavour profile of Kerosene Krash is intricate, with dominant diesel undertones complemented by the characteristic kerosene hint commonly found in OG Kush and NYC Diesel lineages.

auto kerosene krash
Kerosene Krash

While the exact yield remains unspecified, Dutch Passion hints at an XXL yield, suggesting an impressive harvest potential. Indoors, the flowering period for Kerosene Krash is approximately 8 weeks, while outdoor cultivation sees harvesting around a week post-summer. The strain’s THC content consistently surpasses 20%, ensuring a potent experience. Its ease of cultivation, combined with its robust flavour and effect, makes Kerosene Krash a sought-after choice for both novice and expert growers alike.

Triton Biscotto Lime

Triton Biscotto Lime by Seedstockers is a feminised cannabis strain resulting from a cross between Oreoz Mintz and Lemon Tree. This slightly Sativa-dominant strain boasts a dense and compact structure, leading to substantial yields. Its unique genetic makeup gifts it with a delightful aroma, blending sweet and creamy biscuit notes with a foundational lemon essence, further accentuated by diesel undertones. The experience of Triton Biscotto Lime is both invigorating and relaxing, offering users a sense of well-being and energy, coupled with heightened mental alertness.

triton most productive
Triton Biscotto Lime

While Triton Biscotto Lime is well-suited for indoor cultivation, it also thrives outdoors, especially in warmer climates. Its flowering period culminates towards the end of September. When it comes to production, indoor growers can expect yields reaching 500 – 600 g/m2, with even more bountiful harvests outdoors. The strain’s THC content ranges between 14% to 22%, and its flavour profile is a harmonious blend of creamy sweetness with a hint of active effects, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced cannabis experience.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze, a feminized strain, is a harmonious blend of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. This sativa-dominant variety has garnered significant acclaim, clinching the HTCC title in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Its flavour profile is a delightful fusion of citrusy sweetness with a hint of pungency, making it stand out in the cannabis world.

Super Silver Haze
Super Silver Haze

Renowned as one of the most awarded varieties globally, Super Silver Haze is celebrated for its potent and long-lasting effects that instil a sense of well-being and energy. Beyond its accolades, this strain is also recognised for its therapeutic potential, especially in alleviating stress and pain, and stimulating appetite. Its unique taste and the legacy of its genetics make it a must-explore for cannabis enthusiasts.

GMO by Barney’s Farm

The GMO strain, a creation by Barney’s Farm, is a remarkable cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in a predominantly Indica strain with a staggering 90% dominance. This strain stands out not only for its impressive stature, reaching heights of 100-120 cm indoors and 150-200 cm outdoors, but also for its potent THC content, which can reach up to 28%. This makes GMO one of the most potent Indica strains available.


Aside from its potency, GMO is also renowned for its unique organoleptic properties, offering a pungent aroma reminiscent of diesel fuel combined with earthy sour notes. Despite its slightly extended flowering time of 75-80 days, growers can expect generous yields, making the wait worthwhile. The strain’s effects are as powerful as its aroma, providing a profound experience that reflects its high THC content and Indica dominance.

Sensi Star

Sensi Star, developed by Paradise Seeds, stands as a beacon among the cannabis community for its potency and acclaim. Revered as one of the most potent Indicas available, it delivers a profound cerebral and corporeal impact. This strain’s character is powerfully physical, and it has garnered numerous accolades in cannabis competitions. With a metallic aroma underscored by a refreshing lemony backdrop, Sensi Star offers a piquant flavour that lingers. It’s worth noting that this strain has secured several awards, with its most recent accolade being the 1st prize at the 2010 Highlife Marijuana Cup in the Hydro category.

Sensi Star
Sensi Star

When diving deeper into Sensi Star’s characteristics, one can’t help but be captivated by its growth pattern. It flourishes both indoors and outdoors, evolving into a robust plant adorned with large, resin-rich buds. As it grows, Sensi Star tends to sprawl horizontally, necessitating ample space for optimal development. Indoors, it responds favourably to the SoG cultivation method. When cultivated outdoors in temperate zones, it can soar up to 2 metres, yielding a generous 400-500 grams per plant under ideal conditions.

Why Buy seeds with us?

Choosing us for your cannabis seed needs ensures you’re getting premium quality backed by years of expertise. Our seeds are sourced from the world’s best seed banks, ensuring genetic stability and superior growth characteristics. Moreover, our dedicated customer support ensures a seamless shopping experience, guiding you at every step from selection to buying. Please, go to the following link to see our full catalogue of feminized marijuana seeds.

Preserving feminized seeds

Proper storage of feminized seeds is crucial for maintaining their viability. It’s recommended to store them in a cool, dark place, preferably in airtight containers. This prevents moisture and light from degrading the seeds, ensuring they remain potent and ready for cultivation when you are.

Legal notice

Feminized cannabis seeds are sold as collectable items. We do not promote or encourage cultivation where it’s illegal. Always act in accordance with your country’s laws. Respecting laws and regulations is essential for maintaining a harmonious relationship with society and the environment.

We hope you enjoyed this content about the best feminized seeds ever created. If you did so, please follow us in our social profiles, as well in our newsletter.

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