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The most popular and glorious Cannabis strain ever now in its feminized version original from Sensi Seeds, at your disposal Jack Herer feminized.


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Jack Herer feminized Marijuana Seeds

A lot of time has passed since Jack Herer, the famous Cannabis activist, give the name to denominate the most exquisite Cannabis strain ever created. Now, we have the new original Jack Herer feminized by Sensi Seeds, a polyhybrid where almost 3/4 parts of it's genetics belong to Sativa dominant strains, although some sites give parental names, what seems to be true is the crown jewel parental are really unknown.

Jack Herer feminized marijuana seeds produces vigorous plants, easy to grow, with dense buds and full of the highest quality resin. As a curiosity the flowers bloom of a quite singular way, doing like towers with dripping trichomes. It has medium size leaves and medium internodal distance.

From Jack Herer feminized you can expect that part of the leaves and stems also produce some resin, no doubt a great candidate also to make extractions.

Jack Herer feminized plants are perfect to grow both indoors and outdoors, it accommodates well to all types of substrates and specific Cannabis fertilizers. It is a strain that likes a rich in nutrients watering, always respecting fertilizers limits.

Jack Herer feminized marijuana strain has a high yield, optimal yield indoor can reach approximately 500gr/m2, while in outdoor crops with sunlight can reach up to 900 grams per plant.

Jack Herer feminized has an average flowering period, talking about indoors is harvested in about 9 flowering weeks, while harvest outdoors is approximately one or two weeks after the day the summer ends.

The flavour of Jack Herer feminized is complex, very intense and appreciated, in it we can taste incense, old wood, metal, citric and spices.

The effect of Jack Herer feminized is very powerful, reaching up to 22% of THC. It begins with a very lucid cerebral euphoria, to gradually become a physical relaxing sensation almost narcotic.

Jack Herer feminized marijuana seeds features

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotyte: Sativa 55%
  • Genetics: Unknown polihybrid
  • Cannabinois: THC 22%
  • Height: Medium
  • Flowering: indoor 50 - 70 days, outdoor one or two weeks after the summer ends
  • Yield: indoor 400-500g/m2 and outdoor 600-900g/plant
  • Plantation: Spring for outdoor and whole year for indoor growing

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