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The best Kush Indica crops were the ingredients to create Afghani #1 feminized, a compact, resistant, productive and powerful strain.


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Afghani #1 feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Afghani #1 marijuana seeds have been obtained from the most remarkable Afghan lineages of Sensi Seeds, which preserves the best hachises in the world and probably the best Indica known. Afghani #1 now available in new feminized version, specially designed for the comfort of newbies growers and those who are most experienced.

This is one of the most stable and robust strains that could be found, Afghani #1 feminized develops a strong stem, with large lateral branches, the leaves are a pretty dark green color. This is due to the tens or hundreds of different Landraces that have crossed in the Kush area in Afghanistan, which provides a genetic richness to these plants, making them plants with much better genetic heritage. They are compact and dense plants, the internodal distance is short and the leaf size is medium.

Afghani #1 feminized has some properties, coupled with its high quality resin is perfect to make extractions. Obviously you can also get one of the best hashish in the world, its buds at the end of flowering are covered with resin that reminds Indian Charas.

Afghani #1 feminized plants are suitable to grow both indoor and outdoors, also they can be planted in every type of soil and fed with every cannabis specific fertilizer.

Afghani #1 feminized seeds gives a high yield, mainly due to its dense structure and buds, growing with artificial lights and in ideal conditions can yield around 500gr/m2, while when grown outdoors with sunlight can reach up to 900 grams per plant.

The Afghani # 1 feminized has a short flowering period, indoors it is harvested in about 45-55 days of flowering, while outdoor harvest is about on the day that ends the summer.

Afghani #1 feminized has a complex, deep, with great duration and intensity flavor, you can almost chew it for a few moments in your mouth, to find fruity, earthy, incense and spicy tastes.

The Afghani #1 feminized effect is potent, Indica classic that induces great peace and very physical inner relaxation.

Afghani #1 feminized marijuana seeds features

  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotyte: Sativa 55%
  • Genetics: Unknown polihybrid
  • Cannabinois: THC 22%
  • Height: Medium
  • Flowering: indoor 50 - 70 days, outdoor one or two weeks after the summer ends
  • Yield: indoor 400-500g/m2 and outdoor 600-900g/plant
  • Plantation: Spring for outdoor and whole year for indoor growing