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Cookies and Cream Auto is a popular hybrid cannabis strain with a 9-10 week life cycle, massive yields, high THC content (23-26%), candy creamy flavour, and relaxing effects, perfect for intermediate users.


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Cookies and Cream Auto by Seedstockers

In the world of cannabis, a remarkable strain emerged that captivated enthusiasts with its unique flavour profile and potent effects. This strain, known as Cookies and Cream Auto by Seedstcokers, quickly gained popularity across the United States. In an effort to enhance its already impressive qualities, breeders ingeniously crossed it with Starfighter and Northern Lights Auto, giving birth to a new, extraordinary strain called Cookies and Cream Auto. 

What is Cookies and Cream Auto like?

This strain is known for its adaptability and ease of growth in both indoor and outdoor environments. With a life cycle of just 9-10 weeks, growers can expect massive yields from this resilient and vigorous plant. The height of Cookies and Cream Auto plants typically ranges from medium to tall, making it suitable for various growing spaces and techniques.

When it comes to flowering, Cookies and Cream Auto showcases its unique genetic profile. The flowering time is relatively short, allowing growers to harvest the buds in a timely manner. This strain is ideal for intermediate growers who are looking for a reliable and rewarding cannabis plant to cultivate. To ensure optimal growth and yield, it is essential to provide the proper nutrients, lighting, and environmental conditions for Cookies and Cream Auto plants.

Cookies and Cream Auto yield capacity

In the world of cannabis, a true gem was born when Cookies and Cream Auto graced the scene with its exceptional production capacity. This hybrid strain, a result of the perfect marriage between Girl Scout Cookies, Starfighter, and Northern Lights Auto, boasts a life cycle of just 9-10 weeks. The massive yields it offers make it a favourite among growers, whether they cultivate indoors or outdoors.

Common effects

This exquisite hybrid is a true delight for the senses, boasting a high THC content of 23-26% that promises a soothing and relaxing experience for intermediate cannabis connoisseurs.

Aromatic properties

Embark on a sensory journey with Cookies and Cream Auto, a tantalizing blend of sweet, creamy goodness that transports you to a world of pure indulgence. The moment you inhale its delightful fragrance, you'll be captivated by the irresistible fusion of candy and cream, creating an unparalleled flavour that lingers on your taste buds. 

Cookies and Cream Auto by Seedstockers Features

  • Manufacturer: Seedstockers
  • Cross: Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter x Northern Lights Auto
  • Life cycle : 9-10 weeks
  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Hybrid
  • Yield : Massive
  • THC : High (23 - 26%)
  • Flavour : Candy Creamy
  • Effect : Relaxing
  • Experience : Intermediate