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Available for sale at Experiencia Natural the BCN Power Plant Auto seeds from the Barcelona-based seedbank Seedstockers, a Sativa strain with South African origins that can produce large automatic plants.


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BCN Power Plant Auto Autoflowering seeds by Seedstockers

Seedstockers is a seed bank based in Barcelona that has an extensive catalogue of seed varieties for collectors with the best characteristics and at the best price. This manufacturer has an efficient spending policy, which allows them to offer cheap seeds with the best characteristics for sale. Thanks to the extensive network of breeders that this bank has, their seeds are of varied origin and all with full guarantees and 100% fresh.

BCN Power Plant Auto comes from the genetic selection of the best specimens of Power Plant, a variety from South Africa with very unique traits, such as great height and Sativa genes. 

What is BCN Power Plant Auto like?

The breeders at Seedstockers announce that BCN Power Plant Auto seeds are clearly Sativa-dominant. The individuals that can be obtained from this variety of seeds present great height, large internodal distance and proliferation of large flowers of medium size and density. BCN Power Plant Auto specimens can produce resin and Seedstockers recommends height control techniques during cultivation, especially outdoors, where this variety can reach more than two metres. 

The full life cycle of the automatic variety described is somewhat longer than the average seed in its segment. Thus, it is reported to have a life cycle of up to 11 weeks indoors and outdoors. It is also reported that this variety may need a lot of light, mainly due to its Sativa-dominant genetics. 

BCN Power Plant Auto yields

According to Seedstockers, BCN Power Plant Auto produces XXL yields both outdoors and indoors. However, the seedbank does not provide yield figures in grams. 

Most common effects

Cannabinoid tests showed that this strain can concentrate up to 22% THC, so it has the ability to generate active cannabinoids. In addition, due to its genetics, this strain can promote energetic, stimulating and social experiences. 

Organoleptic properties

Seedstockers strains are popular for their pronounced aromas, and a perfect example of this is BCN Power Plant Auto. Its sweet terpene profile can be dominated by geraniol, ocimene and guaiol, some of the terpenes belonging to the sweet aromatic spectrum. 

Main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized autoflowering

Genotype: Sativa

Genetics: Power Plant

THC: 22%.

CBD: Not declared

Height: Tall

Short life cycle: 11 weeks indoors and outdoors

Yield: High