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The Best Sativa Strains | Discover the best Sativas

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably interested in finding the best Sativa strains. You’ve come to the right place, as in today’s article we’re going to provide you with a list of our favorite strains of this type of marijuana, one of the most demanded by our customers.

Cannabis Sativa is known for offering stimulating psychoactive effects, more suitable for socializing and providing large doses of energy than its Indica sisters. This type of marijuana stands out for its height, long internodal distances and elongated buds. If you want to know all the varieties of the best Sativa marijuana, continue reading.

best sativa strain

The Best Sativa Seeds in the World

Talking about Sativa marijuana is talking about the quintessence of Cannabis, these are the most appreciated varieties, especially by professional breeders. Although these marijuana varieties usually require more care, it is not an obstacle for the most famous enthusiasts to usually opt for these beauties.

We’re going to divide this definitive list of the best Sativa cannabis varieties into three main blocks. First, we’ll talk about the novelties available on the market. Then we will continue with those Sativas with a good quality-price ratio and finally, we will end this compendium of the most desired Sativas with classic strains, which have marked an era in the history of cannabis and are still very present and winning certainly today.

The Best Modern Sativas

These newly arrived varieties are the rising stars of the cannabis world. Discover the most innovative and groundbreaking Sativas that are revolutionizing the scene with their fascinating characteristics and unique flavor profiles.

Mimosa EVO

Mimosa EVO is a potent Sativa cannabis variety that stands out for its exquisite terpene profile, with intensely citrus and fruity aromas and flavors. Its genetics come from selective crosses, which gives it great stability and uniformity in its characteristics. This strain is characterized by its high THC content and its energetic and stimulating cerebral effect.

Mimosa Evo is one of the best Sativa marijuana.

Furthermore, Mimosa EVO is known for its impressive resin production, making it an excellent option for concentrate extraction. With its vigorous growth and abundant flowering, this is a creation of unsurpassable quality, once again surpassing the guys at Barney’s Farm.

Barney’s Farm’s Mimosa EVO marijuana, under laboratory conditions, has been able to exceed 30% THC, probably the first commercial cannabis strain to reach this milestone.

Holy Snow

We continue with the list of the best Sativa marijuana with the Holy Snow, a specimen as fast, powerful and productive. It is one of the novelties we have received directly from Holland, thanks to the Greenhouse Seeds bank, which is behind its genetic selection.

Behind its 70% Sativa genetics are first-class specimens such as the Hawaiian Snow, and the latest creation of the popular and late breeder Franco Loja, the Holy Punch. Varieties known for their high quality. The result is a strain capable of producing a psychedelic effect and very productive for the short flowering time it has.

Therefore, it is a strain that will finish this stage of the Cannabis life cycle in just 70 days in indoor crops. On the other hand, in the outdoor cultivation of Holy Snow, the harvest can be collected just 2 weeks after the end of summer, so it can be said that, like the previous one, it is a short-flowering sativa.

holy snow

Although the Greenhouse bank does not reveal specific data, this strain can produce very well both in indoor and outdoor crops. Its effects are very stimulating, pleasant and perfect for socializing or doing creative activities. In addition, its flavor is appreciated for its hints of ripe fruit, onion and wood. In short, a unique aromatic experience.

LA Amnesia

The first specimen of the best Sativa marijuana is precisely a genotype with a lot of dominance of this genetics, up to 80% of Sativa genes. It is the LA Amnesia, one of the most interesting novelties of the Paradise Seeds bank, due to its aroma, power and yield.

LA Amnesia is one of the best Sativa strains.

Behind the genetic origins of LA Amnesia are two well-known and respected strains in the world of cannabis: Amnesia Haze and LA Confidential. The result is a strain with great psychoactive power, a characteristic sweet and fruity flavor and an exceptional yield.

This strain is not recommended for users with little experience due to its strong effects. Its aroma and flavor are very special, combining the sweet and fruity touches of Amnesia Haze with the Skunk notes of LA Confidential.


To finish off with the best Sativa marijuana, we go with a super limited specimen that, while it has not been presented in 2020, deserves a place on the list for its unique characteristics. We’re talking about the Michka variety from Sensi Seeds, a pure-bred Sativa.

Michka emerges as a tribute to one of the most popular Cannabis ladies, Mishka Seeliger-Chatelain. As it can’t be otherwise, Mishka is very Sativa marijuana with traits that define this type of plants, such as its great height and its cheerful and euphoric effects.

Michka is a limited edition that you better make sure to acquire before it runs out, because possibly, once the seeds are depleted, you won’t see them in the market again. For its genetics, Sensi Seeds looked at one of the favorite strains of the most famous Cannabis activist of all time: Silver Pearl.


This is a strain with good vigorous growth which a SCRoG fits like a charm. The best of all, its potent and stimulating effects like no other specimen. Finally, its flavor is appreciated both for its intensity and for its exquisite citrus touches.

Serious Six

The best Sativa marijuana

Getting to the end of the list we find the Serious Six, one of the best Sativa varieties from Serious Seeds. This Sativa wonder comes from the cross between a Landrace Canada x a Landrace African, the result is Cannabis with considerable potency and high doses of THC.

Moreover, it’s a strain especially suitable for humid climates, with high resistance to fungi. Its herbal flavor will make you want to repeat with this variety and its voluptuous and trichome-plagued buds will completely convince you. It has a fast flowering period, so by the end of September, outdoors, it will be ready to harvest.

The best value for money

Are you looking for an exceptional Sativa without having to spend a fortune? Here you will find hidden gems that offer impressive performance and exceptional quality. Enjoy the charm of Sativas without worrying about the price.

Moby Dick

Discover the impressive version of Moby Dick made by SeedStockers, a cannabis strain that stands out for its magnificent value for money. This variety is the result of crossing the legendary White Widow and Haze, which gives it a powerful and stimulating Sativa effect. With high levels of THC, Moby Dick offers an intense and euphoric cerebral experience, perfect for those seeking a creative and energetic high. Additionally, its short life cycle and resistance make it an ideal option for both beginner and experienced growers. With dense and resinous buds, this strain not only guarantees an exceptional experience but also abundant and high-quality yields.

moby dick marijuana

At Seed Stockers, Moby Dick is one of the most appreciated strains by growers due to its exceptional yield and affordable price. This strain combines the best of its parents, with the potency of White Widow and the vigor of Haze. Its buds are large and dense, covered with a generous layer of trichomes that gives it a resinous and attractive appearance. With high levels of THC, Moby Dick offers a powerful and long-lasting cerebral effect, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a stimulating and creative experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced grower, Seed Stockers’ Moby Dick is a strain that will surprise you with its quality and affordable price.

Sweet Amnesia Haze

This proposal from Sweet Seeds cannot escape this list of the best Sativa marijuana, as we highlighted it as one of the best strains of 2019. Sweet Amnesia Haze is one of the most refreshing Sativas on the market, the result of the combination of different clones of Amnesia, which give it a very characteristic tangerine flavor.

sweet amnesia haze

This variety is an exceptional fusion between the legendary Amnesia Haze and an autoflowering strain, making it a captivating option for Sativa lovers. With its characteristic sweet and citrusy flavor, this strain offers a unique and enjoyable organoleptic experience. Its potent cerebral and energizing effect is perfect for those seeking a creative and energetic high. Additionally, its short life cycle and high resistance make it ideal for growers of all experience levels.

In addition to its distinctive flavor and aroma, Sweet Amnesia Haze is known for its ease of growth and resistance to diseases. Finally, its very economical price and the fact that it comes with bonus seeds make it one of the best quality/price Sativa options.

Lemon King

Eva Seeds is a seed bank that offers the best quality-price ratio Sativa marijuana varieties. This is the case with their Lemon King, a novelty this year that brings together the best we can look for in a Sativa: short flowering and stimulating and social effects.

Every good strain has wonderful genetics behind it. This also happens with Lemon King, which arises from the crossing of such rich strains as Space Bomb and Critical Swiss. Thanks to this, we not only find a specimen of the best Sativa marijuana, but also one of the most balanced ones.

Lemon King is on the list of the best sativa marijuana of 2020 for its good yield.

Firstly, it is a very eye-catching plant, deeply pleasing to the eye with attractive colors such as purple. If you add an extra layer of resin to all of this, you have a very attractive plant. Its resin production is so high that the buds seem to be frosted.

Its potency is overwhelming. In this way, it contains up to 23% THC, with energizing and social effects. Additionally, its production has nothing to envy to super-productive Indica strains. It has production quotas of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1500 grams per plant outdoors.

As you can imagine, it is a tall plant, which can reach up to 3 meters outdoors and has an indoor flowering time of only 53 days, while outdoors you can harvest in the last week of summer. Without a doubt, one of the fastest, most potent, and productive Sativas, a real 4×4 of Cannabis. Finally, its flavor is very particular, with citrus and incense aromas on all sides.


Pyramid Seeds is a bank that is characterized by offering the best Sativa marijuana at the best price and always respecting the best quality and cultivation guarantees. In this case, we bring you Kryptonite, an ideal marijuana for planting Sativas in humid climates, where it is always more difficult to do so.

This is a strain of Cannabis that comes from the combination of the best reserve strains of this popular seed bank. The acquisition of this variety has taken place in the Granada mountains of southern Spain, one of the most suitable places to obtain top-quality strains for less warm climates.

The yield of the Kryptonite is excellent for a plant of its characteristics.

It has a fairly fast flowering time, making it a suitable strain for humid or mountainous climates. This way, we can harvest this variety in mid-September in the northern hemisphere.

Its yield is also excellent, as in such a shortened flowering time, the Kryptonite is capable of producing up to half a kilogram of buds indoors and more than a kilo in the case of outdoor cultivation.

Also, its potency is quite considerable, having 17% THC in its composition. In short, the Kryptonite is a suitable strain for growing in extreme climates and obtaining good yields of energetic marijuana.

Mexican Sativa

The Mexican Sativa from Sensi Seeds is a cannabis strain known for its attractive price and exceptional characteristics. This variety comes from pure Mexican genetics, giving it an authentic and stimulating Sativa profile. With high levels of THC, the Mexican Sativa offers an energetic and euphoric cerebral effect, perfect for those looking for a stimulating and creative experience. Additionally, it is a resistant strain and easy to grow, making it an excellent choice. With its dense and resinous buds, the Mexican Sativa guarantees a bountiful and high-quality harvest, all at an affordable price that makes it an irresistible option for Sativa lovers.

Best Autoflowering Sativas

The Mexican Sativa stands out for its incredible value for money. This strain is a true representative of Mexican genetics, with an authentic Sativa profile that offers an energetic and stimulating effect. With its generous harvests of dense and resinous buds, the Mexican Sativa is a strain that not only impresses with its quality but also with its affordable price.

Best classic strains

These legendary strains have left their mark on the history of cannabis and continue to be highly valued today. If you are looking for authentic jewels with proven and appreciated genetics, look no further. These classic Sativas offer a unique and timeless experience.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is, without a doubt, one of the most awarded and acclaimed Sativa strains in the world of cannabis. Recognized for its exceptional quality and unique characteristics, this variety has won numerous awards and praises over the years. With high levels of THC, Amnesia Haze offers an intense and euphoric cerebral effect that leaves consumers in a state of happiness and creativity. Its dense and resinous buds, combined with its citrus and spicy aroma and flavor, make this strain an unforgettable experience for Sativa lovers. Since its appearance on the market, Amnesia Haze has been recognized for its excellence and has won numerous awards in prestigious cannabis competitions around the world.

amnesia haze

Amnesia Haze is, without a doubt, the most awarded and revered Sativa in the universe of cannabis. Its distinctive aroma and flavor, combining citrus and spicy notes, make it an exceptional option for those seeking a unique sensory experience. Since its launch, Amnesia Haze has captivated the hearts of Sativa lovers and remains one of the most coveted and recognized strains in the cannabis community.

Kali Mist

Kali Mist is a highly recognized and praised Sativa cannabis strain in the cannabis community, widely acclaimed for its uniqueness and complexity. This strain stands out for its unique genetic composition and its exceptionally complex terpene profile.

Serious Seeds Kali Mist is pure Sativa.

Its buds present a slender and elegant appearance, with bright green hues and orange pistils that accentuate its beauty. Kali Mist lovers appreciate its distinctive flavor, which combines citrus and earthy notes with spicy and spiced touches. Moreover, its intoxicating aroma envelops the senses with refreshing and floral nuances.

What distinguishes this Sativa from others is its clear and energetic effect, providing a stimulating cerebral sensation without a feeling of heaviness or sleepiness. Kali Mist has been awarded in various cannabis competitions of great international prestige.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a 100% pure Sativa cannabis strain, originating from Africa and recognized for its unique genetic heritage and distinctive terpene profile. This variety is highly valued for its authenticity and potency, as it offers a truly stimulating and energizing experience without sedative effects.

durban poison

Its buds are characterized by their compact structure and intense green color, with orange pistils that highlight its beauty. Durban Poison is known for its sweet and sour flavor, with notes of lemon, pine, and spices, which delight the senses. This African Sativa is appreciated for its ability to provide a clear and motivating cerebral sensation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an invigorating and creative experience.


Nebula is a highly awarded and acclaimed Sativa cannabis strain in the cannabis community. With unique and potent genetics, this strain has been recognized for its exceptional terpene profile and impressive appearance. Its buds are adorned with orange pistils and bright trichomes, giving them a resinous and shiny appearance.


Nebula stands out also for its distinctive aroma, which combines fruity, sweet, and spicy notes, along with its intoxicating aroma that captivates the senses. Moreover, its euphoric and energizing cerebral effect makes it a popular choice for those seeking a psychoactive experience without a feeling of heaviness or lethargy. Nebula is a true gem for cannabis connoisseurs who appreciate the quality and potency of an exceptional Sativa.

Nebula has been awarded several renowned awards in the cannabis industry, including the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup, the High Life cup, and the Spannabis Champions Cup in Spain. These awards recognize its outstanding quality, exceptional terpene profile, and potent effect, consolidating its reputation as one of the most awarded and appreciated Sativas in the cannabis world.

Cannalope Haze

We continue the list of the best Sativa marijuana with Cannalope Haze from DNA Genetics, a variety that has a rather adjusted flowering period, allowing it to compete with fast flowering Indica strains, all with purebred Sativa genetics.

So much so, it has 95% Sativa genes. As many of you will know, one of the places in the world where we find the best Sativa Landrace varieties is Mexico, and this is precisely the origin of Cannalope Haze. Specifically, original Haze specimens and Michoacán Haze strains are responsible for Cannalope Haze.

LA Cannalope Haze is one of the best sativa marijuana of 2020 for its energizing effects.

Its flowering is very reduced and it is a very fast plant. In this way, it completes indoor flowering in just 8 weeks, while two weeks after the end of summer you can harvest the fruits of this variety. All this, offering high resistance to fungi and pests, making it a great strain for beginners.

In this reduced flowering time, Cannalope Haze can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and 700 grams per plant outdoors. It is a potent strain, with cerebral and energetic psychoactivity. Its aroma is another reason why this strain is among the best Sativa marijuana. We find fruity nuances, with hints of melon, citrus. Overall, an impeccable organoleptic experience.

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Sativa marijuana seeds

That’s our entire list of the best Sativa strains. If you liked this article, why not read Fast Buds | Everything about the best Automatic Strains. Don’t forget to follow us on social networks and on our mailing list, links a little further below.

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