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2021 Highlife Cup Winners

Last week the worldwide famous Highlife Cup of 2021 was held in Amsterdam, the event where all Cannabis enthusiasts want to be at. Once again this year the best breeders, growers and both professionals and amateurs have gathered to choose the best marijuana within different categories.

This event has been sponsored by Soft Secrets magazine and will be held on 4 June 2021 in the well-known Dutch capital, known for being the European marijuana mecca.

The jury of the 2021 Highlife Cup consisted of the event’s president Cliff, as well as the following personalities from the Cannabis world: CannaBoy86cz, Mennos, CannaCobus, CannaPatje, Pabloman420, Dante, Renzo, Mauro, Greenlane Jack, Derrick der Alte, Magic E, Sensunique and Ghostman.

Here you can watch a video of the event:

2021 Highlife Cup Winners

Category A, specially designed for hybrids grown in hydroponics. These strains have a strong balance between Sativa and Indica and have been grown in an inert, water-based medium.

  1. Grapesidos by coffeeshop Dizzy Duck from La Haya with 540,5 points.
  2. Mimosa by Greenhouse Secret Farmers from La Haya with 537,5 points.
  3. Glue Narstie A4 by la cafetería Mary-Jane from Maastricht with 536 points.

Category B, Cannabis varieties cultivated in soil. In this category all kinds of Cannabis strains can be entered, no matter hybrids, sativas or indicas, as long as they are grown in pure soil.

  1. Dream’s Gold by la cafetería Greenhouse Secret Farmers from La Haya with 552 points.
  2. Naughty One by coffeeshop Magic from La Haya with 544 points.
  3. Seriosa by Serious Seeds with 539,5 points.

Category C, which includes all types of autoflowering plants, which can be grown in any type of substrate or medium.

  1. Auto Cinderella Jack by Dutch Passion with 511,5 points.
  2. Wedding Cake Tropicana by GrowersChoice with 502 points.
  3. Santa Marta Haze Auto by SeedStockers with 497,5 points.

Category D, which includes all Haze strains grown in hydroponics.

  1. Amnesia Haze by coffeeshop Dizzy Duck from La Haya with 572.5 points.
  2. Joe’s Lemonade by coffeeshop Cremers from La Haya with 559 points.
  3. Golden G13 Haze by coffeeshop ‘t Bunkertje from Apeldoorn with 556.5 points.

The next one is the E category, same Haze strains, although this category is only for those grown in soil substrate.

  1. AMG (Amnesia Mac Ganja) by coffeeshop Kosbor from Maastricht with 570 points.
  2. DelaHaze by coffeeshop Cremers from La Haya with 567.5 points.
  3. Silver Haze by Club Media from Amsterdam with 560 points.

The F category was related to Kush varieties, those that originally come from the famous mountains located between Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan, the winners were:

  1. Pink Pineapple Kush by coffeeshop Magic from La Haya with 567.5 points.
  2. Cookie Kush by coffeeshop Dizzy Duck from La Haya with 556 points.
  3. Pineapple Kush de coffeeshop ‘t Bunkertje from Apeldoorn with 551 points.

We continue with the G category, just for Skunk strains, probably the most prolific of all the different known cannabis strains. The 3 winners were:

  1. The Ultimate by Dutch Passion with 534 points.
  2. Cheese by coffeeshop Dizzy Duck from La Haya with 531,5 points.
  3. Brain Damage de GrowersChoice with 529 points.

Moving on to H category, the favourite of many of those present, the competition for those strains with 70% or more Sativa dominance. In this case the winners were the following Sativa strains:

  1. Gas No Brakes by coffeeshop Magic from La Haya with 565.5 points.
  2. Tangerine Dream by Gallery Colorado from Utrecht with 541 points.
  3. Royal Gorilla by Royal Queen Seeds with 537 points.

And as a counterpart, the other side of cannabis, the I category, where the best Indicas of the year are presented, as long as they have at least Indica dominance equal to or greater than 70%.

  1. Kerosene Krash by coffeeshop Dizzy Duck from La Haya with 555 points.
  2. Blue Ice by coffeeshop Magic from La Haya with 548,5 points.
  3. Cookie and Cream by Greenhouse Secret Farmers coffeshop from La Haya with 541 points.

J Category, the best American strains, the most populaer since this country became the new flagship for legal Cannabis worldwide. The best American strains of 2021 are:

  1. Sunset Paradise by Paradise Seeds with 569 points.
  2. Skilatti 2.0 by coffeeshop Magic from La Haya with 567.5 points.
  3. Runtz Muffin by coffeeshop Dizzy Duck from La Haya with 541 points.

The K category was for the best outdoors varieties of 2021, those grown in the open air with sun, the plants in their natural environment.

  1. Purple Punch by Zamnesia with 528.5 points.
  2. Chocolat Sherbet de GrowersChoice with 513.5 points.
  3. Sugar Bomb Punch de Dutch Passion with 510 points.

The best CBD rich weed of 2021 in the category are those with a high CBD content, classified as a medicinal herb with multiple properties and no psychoactive effects.

  1. Critical XXL CBD by Seedstockers with 513,5 points.
  2. OG Kush CBD by Gallery Colorado coffeeshop from Utrecht with 504 points.
  3. Strawberry CBD by Relax coffeeshop coming from Amsterdam with 498 points.

M category, where the awards are given to the best imported hashish of 2021. The best resin extractions from outside the Netherlands.

  1. Do-si-dos Double Filtered by Solo coffeeshop from Amsterdam with 541.5 points.
  2. Black Mamba by coffeeshop Genesis coffeeshop from Geleen with 522 points.
  3. Rey Hassan by Cremers coffeeshop from La Haya with 514 points.

And to complete the best hashish, the category of this resin at national level, competing only those made in the Netherlands. Awarded in the category N for Local Hash are:

  1. El regalo by Dios from Greenhouse Secrets Farmers from The Hague with 558.5 points.
  2. Kerosene Krash by Dutch Passion with 530.5 points.
  3. Colorado Purple by Gallery Colorado coffeeshop from Utrecht with 525 points.

Y la categoría O, en la cual entran todos los otros tipos de extracciones. Las mejores extracciones de 2021 en la copa Highlife han sido:

  1. Shaher Magic by Magic coffeeshop from La Haya with 578.5 points.
  2. Wedding Cake by Greenhouse Secrets Farmers from La Haya with 554 points.
  3. Jelly Hash by Zero Zero coffeeshop from Arnhem with 537 points.

Terminamos este artículo donde recogemos los premios de la copa Highlife 2021 con los ganadores globales. Como probablemente sepas, además de todas las categorías mencionadas, al final de todo se dan los premios globales al mejor hash y a la mejor hierba, estos dos son los premios más importantes de todos y por eso los dejamos para el final.

Copa HighLife Hash 2021:

578,5 points Magic Coffeeshop from La Haya with Shaher Magic

Copa HighLife Weed 2021:

572,5 points, the Dizzy Duck Coffeeshop from La Haya with Amnesia Haze

And that’s all for this 2021 year, as you can see the new strains are making inroads, but they still can’t beat great classics like Amnesia Haze. Good work is good for life, not just for some time.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best marijuana strains of Highlife 2021, read on with The best Sativa autoflowering Strains: The top 7 and History of Kush Marijuana and Best Strains.

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