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The Most Powerful Marijuana of 2023

We have already received the main news for this new year, and that’s why from Natural Experience marijuana seeds we want to offer you the ranking of the most powerful marijuana of 2023. The best marijuana of 2023 is here! After a few years of dominance by Barney’s Farm genetics, this year we have seen an explosion of new seed banks that have entered the list of the best. And now on this year’s list we have a variety of cannabis genetics with incredible potency. Discover the new top THC genetics of 2023 in the article we present to you now!

This year, we have had the privilege to receive the new marijuana seeds from different manufacturers, many of them have surprised us with their potency. We have kept one of last year’s genetics because we are delighted with the acceptance and the excellent reviews we have received about it, the rest, new! This year’s ranking is very balanced between the different banks. Let’s go for a very important detail and then we start with the list of the most powerful cannabis strains of 2023!

What is Cannabis potency?

Cannabis potency is a measure of the amount of cannabinoids with active properties, such as THC, present in a given sample of cannabis. This measure is usually expressed as a percentage. A cannabis sample with a high potency will have a higher percentage of THC, which means that it will be able to produce a stronger effect on the user.

The Most Potent Cannabis of 2023

We are in luck! We have found the most potent marijuana strains on the market. Don’t miss this definitive ranking of the best cannabis strains with the highest THC content for 2023. We have done an exhaustive research to find the best marijuana for you, not only looking at what the banks indicate, but also listening to the reviews of breeders, our friends and, of course, our more than 20 years of Experiencia Natural. Do not miss this list, undoubtedly the best you can find!

Cannabis with the most THC in 2023

Below, we present the cannabis with more THC of 2023. Because of their crosses and genetic characteristics, these varieties that you will see below are unrivaled in laboratory tests. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Gorilla Cookies FF from Fast Buds

Gorilla Cookies FF
Buy Gorilla Cookies FF

Fast Buds has created the fast flowering feminized cannabis seed La Gorilla Cookies FF, a non-autoflowering, potent and powerful strain with a complex aroma and a THC content of up to 29%. This strain is a cross between the famous Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies, two cannabis strains known for their taste and strong effect.

Gorilla Cookies FF is also a cannabis strain with a generous bud production. This marijuana strain also stands out for its sweet and fruity taste with notes of chocolate and cookies.

Bay Burger from Delicious Seeds

bay burguer
Buy Bay Burger

Bay Burger by Delicious Seeds offers a feminized 80% indica strain with a THC content of 28%, producing up to a maximum yield of 600gr/m2 under artificial lights. Besides being one of the most potent genetics ever produced, this strain is characterized by its fruity citrus taste and narcotic effect, offering a unique singularity.

Its blend of terpenes has the ability to provoke a unique and unforgettable experience! This unique combination of pine, lemon and Kush offers you flavors with a fruity citrus aroma that you will love. The earthy flavor with hints of forest followed by an organoleptic explosion of citrus and metallic kush flavor will leave you speechless.

Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez Fast Version from Sweet Seeds

sweet mandarine zkittlez fast version most powerful
Buy Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez Fast Version

We continue with the most potent cannabis of 2023, and we come to the last fast flowering seed on the list, and it is that the good if quick is twice as good! Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez Fast Version by Sweet Seeds is a feminized photodependent hybrid seed with unique genetics of Zkittlez x Sweet Mimosa XL Auto, classified as a 60% Indica hybrid. This variety offers a production of big and dense buds, with a very fast flowering of only 8 weeks from germination.

This variety is known for its intense potency and aroma of tropical fruits, with notes of mandarin and lemon, and a sweet and fruity taste. Sweet Mandarine Zkittlez Fast Version is very easy to grow, with a very high resistance to diseases and pests, which makes it ideal for beginners and experts. It is ideal for indoor growing, where it can produce up to 500 grams per square meter. This variety is also suitable for outdoor growing, where it can produce up to 600 grams per plant.

Malawi from Ace Seeds

most potent cannabis sativa 2023 malawi

What would be the list of the most potent cannabis seeds of 2023 without a good Sativa, an incomplete list, so here we bring you Malawi. The Malawi seed is a classic line treasured and pampered by Ace Seeds for years, which has been renewed and presented in society in its feminized version, hence it is the most potent Sativa of 2023, with up to 27% THC.

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds is a pure fourth generation strain, without any Indica or Hybrid genetic influence. This variety was created by combining the best traits of two third generation Malawi lines. This variety is exclusively feminized, which means that all the flowers are female, thus eliminating the risk of the plant producing seeds.

Mimosa from 00 Seeds

cannabis with more thc mimosa
Buy Mimosa

We move on to the good, beautiful and cheap of the ranking of the most powerful strains of 2023 with Mimosa from 00 Seeds. This is a feminized, hybrid, photodependent seed whose THC content is estimated to reach 25%. Its price is a great attraction, because depending on the number of seeds that you buy, they can reach about 2 € each, a bargain!

Its flowering period is 55 to 60 days if grown indoors and one week after the end of summer if grown outdoors, with an estimated height between 80 and 100 cm indoors and 160 to 190 cm outdoors. The production capacity is 550 to 600 gr/m2 indoors.

El Xupet Negre from R Kiem

el xupet negre
Buy El Xupet Negre

The most potent marijuana of 2022 deserves to be in the one of 2023 because of the special of this variety and its capacity to generate very high THC. Created by the Spanish seed bank R Kiem Seeds, it is a plant created as a tribute to the famous graffiti artist of the same name.

This genetics offers you a THC concentration of 30%, something that very few strains can offer! In addition, its sweet cookie aroma and reddish hues will leave you speechless, we are sure that we are in front of one of the best and most potent genetics in history!

We are approaching the end of the list of the most powerful cannabis of 2023 and, as always, we have saved the best for last. You probably know about Dinafem, you probably also know that this institution had to cease its activity. Well, how would you like to know that they are partly back? Some of the members of this incredible bank have created Silent Seeds and have joined forces with none other than Sherbinski, the most successful breeder of the last years. The result, as you can expect, is unbeatable. Here are their two most potent seeds, and judge for yourself.

Polar Gelato from Silent Seeds

polar gelato cannabis plant
Buy Polar Gelato

California cannabis lovers are in luck! They can now enjoy the exceptional quality and taste of Bacio Gelato, along with the deep and complex floral richness of Sunset Sherbert! This Polar Gelato strain is a delight with clear notes of bright gourmet dessert Cookie, representing the new cannabis era ahead of us, the most powerful creation of the brilliant Sherbinski!

The good work done by this leading figure in the cannabis industry guarantees a reliable and excellent quality growing option for those who wish to experience the authentic version of Gelato in cannabis seed form. Gelato and its variations have become iconic cannabis genetics worldwide and it’s available at a click!

B-45 by Booba from Silent Seeds

b45 by booba
Buy B-45 by Booba

And we finish with the final blow, a seed capable of generating more than 30% of THC, in fact from Silent Seeds say that laboratory tests have shot the level up to 32%, boooom! Something never seen until now.

Get ready for a mind-blowing trip! Because Silent Seeds and French rapper Duc have achieved something no one has ever done before: a THC generation of 32%! With the collectible cannabis seeds B-45 By BOOBA, you will get a unique experience aboard the famous American B-45 tornado bomber.

In addition, the B-45 By Booba is a unique cannabis strain, with a great production capacity. This seed was created to satisfy the needs of international rap fans, as well as the most demanding collectors and connoisseurs. It has a unique structure and a huge production potential, producing dense, large and compact flowers that can yield up to 600 g/m2 indoors and 1600 g/plant outdoors.

What is the world's best cannabis in 2023?

In 2023, the best cannabis in the world is a subjective concept, with different awards given to different varieties. However, enthusiasts have different preferences, from aromatic profile to the amount of cannabinoids. If potency is taken into consideration, the best cannabis of 2023 is B-45 By BOOBA from Silent Seeds.

What is the strongest Indica of 2023?

The strongest Indica cannabis seeds of 2023 is B-45 By BOOBA from Silent Seeds, with its unbeatable mark of up to 32% THC. This is certainly the strongest Indica of the year.

What is the most powerful sativa of 2023?

Malawi marijuana by Ace Seeds is the most powerful sativa of 2023. Although it is a classic line, Malawi has been renewed and launched in feminized version recently. With its up to 27% of THC, it is the strongest Sativa marijuana of 2023.

What is the most potent hybrid cannabis strain of 2023?

The most potent hybrid marijuana of the year 2023 is the strain El Xupet Negre. This genetics of the bank R Kiem Seeds is able to produce up to 30% of THC.

And so much for the content on the most potent marijuana of 2023, we hope you liked it a lot. Follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter. Also, you can continue reading about this year’s most productive seeds.

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The Most Powerful Marijuana of 2023
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