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The best Sativa autoflowering Strains: The top 7

The best Sativa autoflowering Strains are of the most demanded strains by seed collectors all over the world. They are genetics with special characteristics, as will be discussed below. Today’s article will present some of the best Sativa autoflowering Strains.

The Sativa autoflowering strains began to develop thanks to pioneering breeders like Neville Schoenmakers or Arjan Roskam, who started to bring seeds from areas close to the equator, such as Haze strain, which were combined with Ruderails to make them non-photodependent.

Although the first experiments carried out in this field did not give the best results in terms of yield, active cannabinoids, resistance or short life cycle, over time these mistakes have been corrected.

Today every collector can enjoy the best autoflowering Sativas in many seed banks. These strains have been properly stabilized to keep their parents’ main Sativa characteristics while maintaining a short life cycle and the ability to start flowering without the need to change the photoperiod.

The best Sativa autoflowering Strains

The following is a selection of autoflowering sativa strains with unique characteristics. This is a selection based on information from seedbanks and here probably you will find the best autoflowering sativas ever created as of today in 2021.


The AutoXtreme autoflowering seeds are one of the jewels of the Dutch Passion seedbank. This strain has a top-notch genetic lineage, and the breeders of this seedbank combined the Outlaw with a Haze autoflowering cut with XXL yields.

The stabilization process for this strain took up to 2 years of work, a testament to the extensive development work Dutch Passion undertook to produce the AutoXtreme variety. It has a typical Sativa structure, so it can produce tall plants.

AutoXtreme una de las mejores sativas autoflorecientes.
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The Dutch Passion team leaded by Mahmoud Hanachi has done an excellent job in shortening the life cycle of this strain to just 12 weeks, which is great considering the Haze parentage. The data sheet for this strain states that it has active cannabinoids and can provide uplifting effects.

On the other hand, the terpene profile of this strain is dominated by terpenes that provide sweet aromas, such as ocimene, guaiol or even geraniol. These are pronounced organoleptic properties, reminiscent of the floral and fruity aromas that the Haze family usually possesses.

Six Shooter

Six Shooter is one of those strains that has already made it into more than one Experiencia Natural ranking. It is a highly demanded strain, the result of excellent genetic work by the Fast Buds team and it is one of the best auto sativas ever created. This seed bank is at the forefront of creating autoflowering varieties of American genetics, with active cannabinoids and very aromatic.

The Fast Buds breeders have made one of the crosses of the decade with the Mexican Airlines, combining a high yielding Sativa strain, and the Crystal Meth Auto, which is a strain with excellent yields and the ability to produce active cannabinoids. The result is a strain that has a full life cycle of only 63 days, a record for the best autoflowering sativas.

Dentro de las mejores sativas autoflorecientes está la Six Shooter de Fast Buds.
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According to Fast Buds, Six Shooter can reach up to 140 cm, which, considering it is one of the best autoflowering Sativas, is a medium to tall height, in line with its parentals and the particularities of its genetics. On the other hand, this is a strain that can produce a high yield, reportedly up to 750 grams per square metre indoors and 400 grams per plant outdoors. This is a real milestone in the segment of non-photodependent Sativa genetics.

In terms of psychoactivity, Six Shooter can produce up to 21% THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, so long-lasting and strong effects are expected. Finally, the terpene profile of this strain is dominated by terpenes such as ocimene and guaiol, due to the woody and piney aromas that Six Shooter can produce.

Sensi Amnesia Auto

Within the segment of the best autoflowering Sativas, it is also worth mentioning the Sensi Amnesia Auto, an autoflowering version of one of the most legendary specimens from the Sensi Seeds seed bank. Thus, to obtain this auto sativa strain, this seed bank carried out a triple crossing of Hawaiian Indica x Afghani x Jamaican Pearl and then another one with a Ruderalis.

Sensi Seeds reports that Sensi Amnesia Auto can produce tall specimens considering its non-photodependent nature. Thus, it can reach up to 200 cm outdoors. Indoors, however, this strain will not grow taller than 120 cm.

Sensi Amnesia Auto es una de las mejores sativas autoflorecientes
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The full life cycle of Sensi Amnesia Auto is also reported to be 10-12 weeks. The best autoflowering Sativas understandably have a longer life cycle than Indica specimens, although this is compensated for by good yields.

The typical effects that Sativa strains can produce are witnessed in Sensi Amnesia Auto. Although the Sensi Seeds breeders have not yet reported the THC content of this strain, long-lasting and uplifting effects can be expected.

Finally, the organoleptic properties of this strain are described as fruity, tropical and exotic, with the possible presence of the terpene geraniol.

Californian Snow

The review of the best Sativa autoflowering strains brings us to Californian Snow, an autoflowering variety offered by the Fast Buds seed bank. It has already been explained that the professionals of this manufacturer specialised in obtaining non-photodependent strains of North American origin, and this variety is the best example of this.

To create the Californian Snow, Fast Buds breeders used a typically American strain such as Hot California and combined it with a high quality Canadian Ruderalis to provide the autoflowering genes. The result is a strain with good resin and flower yields and the ability to produce active cannabinoids.

Fast Buds tiene alguna de las mejores sativas autoflorecientes, como la California Snow
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The Fast Buds team themselves describe Californian Snow as a straightforward strain, not particularly difficult to grow, with a medium size and vigour during vegetation. It can complete the full life cycle in 8 weeks, which is the fastest ever for an auto sativa strain, and will not grow taller than 130cm outdoors.

In terms of cannabinoid production, tests have shown that this strain is capable of delivering 19% THC, while it can also produce non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD, in this case 1%. Due to its genetics, Californian Snow can produce energetic, vivid and long-lasting sensations.

It is a great yielder, offering XL yields of up to 250 grams per plant outdoors. The organoleptic properties of this strain are appreciated for its sweet aromas, which can be reminiscent of baking, combined with pronounced citrus notes.

Auto Amnesia XXL

Auto Amnesia XXL is one of those strains that cannot be missing in a list of the best autoflowering Sativas. In this case, this specimen from Advanced Seeds stands out for its great yields, the result of the manual selection of the best and most productive Auto Amnesia specimens. This technique is widely used by geneticists all over the world to obtain specimens with better yields.

The original cross for this strain was between an Original Amnesia and a Haze Auto, so the Sativa genes are very dominant in this variety, which can reach a great height outdoors, up to 170 cm. It also has a typically Sativa structure, with a spiky appearance and long internodal distance.

La variedad Auto Amnesia XXL es una de las mejores sativas autoflorecientes
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Advanced Seeds says that Auto Amnesia XXL can complete its full life cycle in 70 to 80 days, which is not bad for a strain with sativa parentage. It also produces excellent yield capacities of up to 600 grams per square metre indoors and up to 200 grams per plant outdoors.

Cannabinoid analysis of Auto Amnesia XXL determines that it can concentrate up to 14% THC, promoting energetic and cerebral experiences. On the other hand, the organoleptic properties of this variety are typical Haze, with citric notes that suggest the presence of limonene in its terpene profile.

Mexican Airlines

Fast Buds once again introduces another non-photodependent specimen to the list of the best autoflowering Sativas. This is the case of Mexican Airlines, a variety that descends from the best Colombian and Mexican genetics, territories of the planet known for the quality of their Sativa genetics.

One of the biggest advantages of Mexican Airlines, according to the manufacturer, is its fast life cycle, which is completed in only 9 weeks. Considering the sativa heirloom origins of Mexican Airlines, this is a very fast harvesting time. In addition, the Fast Buds breeders have achieved something rare in this type of strain, and that is to achieve generous yields indoors and outdoors, up to 500 grams per square meter in the first case and up to 150 grams per plant in the second.

Mexican Airlines destaca por sus 9 de semanas y excelente rendimiento
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Mexican Airlines is quite psychoactive, being capable of developing up to 19% THC in cannabinoid tests. This, coupled with its sativa essence, gives this strain the potential to produce strong, uplifting and social effects.

The organoleptic properties of Mexican Airlines are described as complex, with sour, spicy notes, reminiscent of the aroma of the Skunk family, which suggest the presence of terpenes such as pinene.

Auto Desfrán

The list of the best autoflowering Sativas is completed with Auto Desfrán. The Dutch Passion team combined Desfrán with Auto Daiquiri, the latter bringing fresh aroma and Ruderalis genes.

This is a strain with strong Sativa genetics that has a long life cycle of 12 to 15 weeks. This is compensated by large yields and a proliferation of typically Sativa flowers, distributed on lateral branches with medium internodal distance.

Uno de los mejores ejemplares de semillas de Dutch Passion son las Auto Desfrán.
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The Auto Desfrán strain is capable of producing up to 19% THC, excellent results that Dutch Passion claims can deliver pronounced, stimulating and energetic effects.

The organoleptic properties of Auto Desfrán are described as fruity, tropical, fresh and delicious. The aromas of Auto Desfrán suggest the presence of fruity terpenes such as geraniol.

This has been the whole list of the best autoflowering sativas. To continue with interesting readings: The Best Indica seeds of 2020 and The best 2020 American Strains.

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