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The Advanced Seeds marijuana seedbank brings to Experiencia Natural the best quality automatic genetics, offering high yield and deep Haze taste: the Auto Amnesia XXL!


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Auto Amnesia XXL Feminised Marijuana Seeds

The Auto Amnesia XXL auto-flowering marijuana seeds comes from a extensive selection, made by the Advanced Seeds seed bank, of its Auto Amnesia, to choose only the largest and most productive specimens. Originally breeded from the cross between the Original Amnesia and a selected Auto Haze, the result is a high yield genetics, with "Haze" taste and very fast flowering.

How is it Auto Amnesia XXL like?

Auto Amnesia XXL is a plant that grows quickly and vigorously, with long thin sativa-like leaves. Its size can reach 170 cm high outdoors, which makes it looks like a feminized genetics than an autoflowering one. At the end of flowering is a strain that has a greater number of buds than its sister "non-XXL".

The full life cycle of this plant, from germination to harvest, takes just around 70 - 80 days and is a very easy to grow genetics. By giving it space (pots of more than 15 liters would be ideal), good nutrition (it needs to be well fed) and love is enough to get incredible results.

How much yield does Auto Amnesia XXL produce?

Being an XXL genetics, Auto Amnesia XXL produces high yields, which far exceed the "normal" automatic ones. Indoors it can offer up to 600 grams per square meter while outdoors, with more than 5 hours of light, the production can reach 200 grams per plant.

How is Auto Amnesia XXL effect?

As with the other Amnesia genetics, we cannot rely inly in the THC values it has. In this case Advanced Seeds says 14% of THC but the effect provided by Amnesia XXL feels stronger, very cerebral, psychedelic and long lasting. It is not recommended for use at night or for inexperienced smokers.

What does Auto Amnesia XXL taste like?

The taste and aroma of Auto Amnesia XXL is largely influenced by its Haze heritage. It is possible to find a strong lemon and other citrus fruits flavor, all surrounded by a metallic background, very characteristic of the "Haze" strains.

Main Features

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized autoflowering
  • Genotype: Mainly Sativa
  • Genetics: Amnesia
  • Cannabinoids: 14% THC and CBD not declared
  • Height: 1,7 meters (outdoors)
  • Flowering: 70 to 80 days (indoors and outdoors)
  • Production: up to 600 gr/m2 (indoor), outdoors up to 200 gr per plant
  • Seedling: Spring or all year round with artificial light.