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Shiskaberry is an already mythical strain in the world of marijuana that now comes to Experiencia Natural from Barney's Farm seedbank. It is a selection of the well known Blueberry. This variety offers showy purple colors, delicious flavor and huge yields!


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Shiskaberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The feminized Shiskaberry marijuana seeds come from the Barney's Farm seedbank, it is a strain that has already earned a prominent place in the cannabis world and now reaches Experiencia Natural. It is a cross between the Blueberry and an Afghan plant, this strain has been selected over several generations to provide stability and improve its characteristics of flavor, aroma, production and color.

Shiskaberry is 100% Indica strain, very easy to grow and very adaptable to all types of crops and growers. It carries mistakes quite well and is a very resistant plant to pests and mold, so even the less skilled growers can get good results with it.

Shiskaberry, due to its genetics, has a compact structure, small size (usually no more than 120cm indoors) and shrub-like appearance. It is a plant that develops more sideways than upwards, so it adapts very well to SoG technique. With long lateral branches, it is a plant that at the end of flowering has heavy and dense buds, with surprising amounts of resin, so it is an highly recommended plant for extractions lovers. Also at the end of the flowering it is possible to enjoy its intense purple colors, which are a delight for the eyes.

Shiskaberry's yield is very high, developing large quantities of flowers in a short time. In just 49-56 days, indoors, it is a strain that allows to obtain up to 600 grams per square meter. If these numbers are transferred outdoors in sunlight, it is a plant that can reach 2000 grams per plant, all with a very fast harvest, a week before the end of summer.

Shiskaberry is a plant with a very balanced effect, ideal to enjoy among friends and to have lively talks and give a few laughs. Over time, its effect evolves towards deep physical relaxation, which immerses anyone who tastes it in a deep sense of well-being.

The taste and aroma of Shiskaberry has nuances of the two genetics that give it its origin. In it, the aromas of humid earth and spices stand out, with a background of forest fruits and berries that all tasters like.

Characteristics of Shiskaberry Marijuana



Genotype: 100% Indica

Genetics: Blueberry x Afghan

THC: Undeclared

CBD: Not specified

Yield: Up to 600 gr/m2 indoors and up to 2000 grams per plant outdoors

Planting: Spring outdoors, all year round with lights indoors

Flowering: 49-56 days indoors. About a week before the end of summer outdoors

Height: Up to 120 cm indoors, between 80 and 120 cm outdoors