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Tropicanna Banana feminized marijuana seeds are Barney's Farm's latest novelty with a delicious tropical flavor and a potency that will leave anyone knocked out. Always with free shipping and seeds.


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Feminised marijuana seeds Tropicanna Banana

Feminized Tropicanna Banana marijuana seeds are the latest addition to Barney's Farm's Cali collection. To get this delicious cocktail, Barney's has crossed a Banana Kush with a specimen of Tropicanna (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie).

The result is a very powerful and productive strain, with a flavor that will not go unnoticed

How is Tropicanna Banana's structure?

The plants of this strain have an average size, so indoor should not exceed 110cm. Their growth is vigorous and, at the end of flowering presents a set of impressive aromas. 

Its growth is quite simple and is a genetics that adapts easily to different types of climates and soils. It presents enough resistance to different plagues and fungi.

The flowering will be finished in about 65 to 70 days indoors while in outdoor crops can be collected between two and three weeks after the end of summer.

How much does Tropicanna Banana produce?

Plants with this genetics offer a very high yield. In indoor crops it is a plant that can offer up to 700 grams per square meter while outdoors in sunlight it can reach 2000 grams per plant. These are really impressive values for a strain with such a high sativa genetics percentage.

What effect does Tropicanna Banana produce?

This strain offers a very powerful effect, with THC values ranging from 22 to 25%, in which it is mainly stimulating, creative and positive, as well as providing a certain level of relaxation.

How does Tropicanna Banana taste like?

One of the most outstanding points of this genetics is its delicious aroma and flavor, which highlights the fruity nuances. In its aroma we can find mainly tropical fruits, among which the banana stands out.

Tropicanna Banana main features

  • Interior and exterior
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 60% Sativa
  • Genetics: Tropicanna (GSC x Tangie) x Banana Kush
  • Cannabinoids: between 22 and 25% THC and undeclared CBD
  • Height: 110cm (inside)
  • Flowering: 65-70 days (indoors) or about two to three weeks after the end of summer
  • Yield: up to 700 gr/m2 (indoor), outdoor up to 2000 grams per plant
  • Seedling: Spring or all the year with artificial light.