R Kiem Seeds

The R Kiem Seeds bank is based in Barcelona and is a very professional seed bank, as can be seen by the cannabis cups they have won. This seed bank was founded in 1998 and has a wide catalogue of regular, autoflowering and feminized seeds, we offer you these last two.

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R Kiem Seeds bank

At Experiencia Natural we have been following the work of the R Kiem seedbank for many years, and now we are proud to have reached an agreement with them to offer their strains to you.

Although it has a long history, the R Kiem Seeds bank does not offer a very extensive catalogue, a sign that they care about quality and not quantity. This characteristic feature fits in perfectly with our philosophy, to highlight small growers who focus on offering an original product of the highest possible quality.

R Kiem Seeds works hard to offer top quality autoflowering and feminized seeds. In Experiencia Natural you can find some of the best strains from this institution.

History and characteristics of R Kiem Seeds

The Spanish seed bank R Kiem Seeds has its origins in 1998, when it was formed by national and international growers, who joined their efforts to create new varieties and preserve others. Today they offer us strains with very good production capacity, high quality and very marked characteristics.

Best varieties of R Kiem Seeds

Within the catalogue of R Kiem Seeds seeds there are strains for all kinds of tastes, the different types of collectors can find what they are looking for here. Among all its catalogue, here are the highlight:

Xupet Negre

The union of R Kiem Negra 44 and Xupet has originated the new winner of the Spannabis 2022. First prize at the biggest marijuana fair, with the capacity to generate up to 33% THC.


R-Kiem Seeds Icer, is a seed of Dominican origin, which is generated because of the famous marriage of SFV OG Kush and a clone of Ice Cream. This is the most productive and special seed of the bank R Kiem Seeds.

Thanks to its wonderful genetics, in only eight weeks of flowering, it reaches high yields with strong branching and results rich in quantity, aroma and flavour.


R-Kiem Eli is a feminized variety born from the cross between Rosetta Stone and a landrace from Ghana. Its characteristics are very rich in aroma and yield capacity, being able to reach 6oo grams per square meter, in only 9 weeks of flowering.


R-Kiem Seeds Portela is a feminized variety created by crossing Icer and Jamaican Lambsbread. In just 9 weeks of flowering, it promises the bushiest plants, rich in aroma and flavour.