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The Malawi strain by Ace Seeds is the most potent pure Sativa on the market and is available in a feminized version.


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Feminized Malawi seeds by Ace Seeds

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds is classified as a fourth generation pure strain, which means that it is a 100% pure sativa strain without any Indica or Hybrid genetic influence. This strain was developed from two third generation Malawi lines, bringing together the best traits from these two excellent crosses.

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds is an exclusively feminized strain. This means that all the flowers of this variety are female, so there is no risk of the plant producing seeds.

What is Malawi like?

A 100% sativa strain, but with a medium indoor structure and medium to high heat resistance. Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds has a medium resistance to pests.

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds has a medium resistance to fungus, medium-high resistance to botrytis, whitefly, cold and a high resistance to heat. This means that this variety can be grown in climates with higher temperatures without problems.

Indoor Flowering

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds flowers in a period of 10-13 weeks, making it a medium flowering variety, ideal for indoor growers looking for a variety with a good production and a moderate flowering cycle.

Flowering Outdoor

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds is ready to harvest in late October or early November when grown outdoors. This means it is an excellent strain for growers looking to harvest before winter arrives.

Malawi Production

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds is a high yielding strain when grown both indoors and outdoors. This strain is also known for producing a large amount of buds in the main cola, making it a great strain for SOG growers. It is a very productive strain, yielding up to 600-700 g/m2 indoors and up to 800-1000 g/plant outdoors.

Common effects

Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds offers a high THC content of 24-27 percent. This means that Malawi Feminized is an extremely potent strain, with an intense, psychedelic high lasting over 4 hours. Malawi Feminized by Ace Seeds has a very low CBD content of around 0.08 percent and between 0.4 and 1 percent CBG. The effect that Ace Seeds says about Malawi is very potent, intense and psychedelic.

Aromatic properties

This strain contains a high concentration of beta myrcene, a moderate limonene content and a low amount of beta pinene in the monoterpenes. In the sesquiterpenes, beta caryophyllene is the main component (¾ parts), followed by a moderate content of alpha humelene and small amounts of alpha bisabolol. Get ready for an explosion of aromas! This Bouquet blend is a unique combination of oil, wood and lemon, with hints of sweet carrot and ripe tangerine - an aroma that will take your breath away!

Characteristics of Malawi by Ace Seeds

Indoor and outdoor


100 % sativa

THC 24-27 %.

CBD 0.08 %

CBG 0.4-1 %º.

Flowering indoor: 10-13 weeks

Flowering outdoor: One month after the day the summer ends

Production: High

Resistance to pests: Medium

Resistance to fungi: Medium

Resistance to cold: Medium

Resistance to heat: High

Height: High

Plantation: Spring, summer or all year round with artificial light.