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The Nepal Jam marijuana strain by Ace Seeds is a cross between a Nepalese mountain sativa and a top quality Jamaican strain. Resistant to cold and fungus.


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Nepal Jam feminized seeds by Ace Seeds

Nepal Jam is a robust and compact sativa from the mountains, one of the most desired jewels of the Spanish bank Ace Seeds. It is a short flowering specimen with excellent resistance to cold and fungus.

Nepal Jam has been stabilized over successive generations and grown in all climates, including northern countries such as England, France and Holland.

What does Nepal Jam look like?

Nepal Jam is a 60% sativa stabilized F7-F8 hybrid. A Nepali x Jamaican '85 was used and crossed in this hybrid with the Jamaican 85 line to bring more vigour, blue colours, higher yields. Also, it brigs the classic positive effect of Jamaican sativa to the final hybrid, but keeping the original Nepali sativa stature.

Nepal Jam marijuana seeds are capable of producing small-medium sized plants, which develop vigorously with a columnar growth. It has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks indoors, while outdoors it is harvested in the same week as the end of summer.

It is a highly resistant strain to fungus and pests.

Nepal Jam yields

According to the data provided by the grower, average yields can be expected from Nepal Jam.

Most common effects

Given Nepal Jam's genetics, it has warm, clear and happy effects. In addition, its dense, resinous flowers, with a very good calyx-to-leaf ratio, produce a hash of exceptional quality.

Organoleptic properties

The aroma given off by these plants is clearly sweet and caramel, with hints of honey.

Characteristics of Nepal Jam



Flowering: 9 weeks. End of September-beginning of October.

Potency: medium-high. Powerful and complex mental effect, which leaves you happy and floating for several hours.