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Fast Buds | Everything about the best Automatic Strains

The Fast Buds seedbank is synonymous with the mixture of two concepts: autoflowering and unbeatable quality. The Californians have been betting for years on this type of seed due to its simplicity and short growing cycle. Their catalogue is distinguished by offering the best American strains in their auto version, with Ruderalis strains and very high THC levels.

In addition to this, the house is characterized by plants with very genuine aromas and high concentration of cannabinoids. In our shop you can find all the varieties that the Fast Buds seed bank offers to the market and here all the information about its history, philosophy and outstanding varieties.

The Genesis of Fast Buds

Fast Buds, a brand synonymous with premium autoflowering cannabis genetics, had humble beginnings. The seed of this global brand was planted 12 years ago in a garage, where the founders began experimenting with autoflower genetics. At that time, autoflowers were not as popular as they are today, but the founders of Fast Buds saw immense potential in this new type of cannabis genetics.

The brand continued to learn, research, and experiment for several years, and in 2012, they launched their first five autoflower genetics on their newly released website. These included Crystal Meth, G14, Mexican Airlines, Northern Express, and C4matic, which quickly gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts.

Fast Buds’ journey from a garage to a global brand is a testament to their dedication, innovation, and commitment to quality. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of cannabis genetics, offering unique and high-quality products to their customers.

The Fast Buds Team

Behind the success of Fast Buds is a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. They are the driving force behind the brand, bringing their expertise and dedication to the table. The team’s commitment to innovation and quality has played a crucial role in establishing Fast Buds as a leading brand in the cannabis industry.

The team’s expertise extends beyond just creating high-quality cannabis genetics. They also have a deep understanding of the market and the needs of their customers. This allows them to create products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their customers.

Fast Buds’ team is not just a group of individuals working together; they are a family united by a common passion for cannabis. Their shared vision and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping the brand’s success.

Fast Buds’ Rise to Recognition

Fast Buds’ journey to recognition was not without challenges. The cannabis market was already saturated with Dutch and Spanish seed banks offering excellent products. However, Fast Buds brought something new to the table – American genetics. This was a game-changer for European growers, who were eager to experiment with these new genetics.

In 2014, Fast Buds signed their first distribution contracts, and their genetics started appearing in stores all over the EU. As growers began experimenting with Fast Buds’ seeds, they quickly realized the advantages of modern autoflowers. This led to a rapid change in the market, with Fast Buds becoming a popular choice among growers.

2015 was a pivotal year for Fast Buds. They released one of their best-selling autoflowers, Girl Scout Cookies Auto, and attended their first international cannabis event, Spannabis. The event was a huge success, and Fast Buds began participating in major cannabis fairs and events across Europe, gaining recognition and drawing attention from the cannabis community.

Fast Buds’ International Partnerships

Fast Buds’ success in Europe soon caught the attention of growers in South America, leading to a surge in demand for their autoflowering strains. Recognizing this opportunity, Fast Buds expanded into South America, establishing a partnership with Mr. Cristian Medina, a well-known cannabis entrepreneur. This partnership marked the beginning of Fast Buds’ presence in South America, with the opening of their first office in Santiago de Chile.

Fast Buds’ expansion didn’t stop there. In 2017, they entered the North American market, signing a partnership with Xotic Genetics. This partnership paved the way for Fast Buds to make their mark in North America, further solidifying their position as a global brand in the cannabis industry.

Fast Buds’ international partnerships have played a crucial role in their growth and success. They have allowed the brand to reach a wider audience and offer their high-quality autoflowering strains to growers around the world.

Fast Buds’ Award-Winning Genetics

Fast Buds’ commitment to quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed. Since 2016, they have won over 20 different prizes and awards at international cannabis events. These accolades are a testament to the quality of Fast Buds’ genetics and their dedication to creating the best autoflowering strains on the market.

In 2019, their Blackberry Auto took 1st place at the Autoflower Cup in Oregon, USA. This recognition further cemented Fast Buds’ reputation as a leading brand in the cannabis industry. Their strains continue to win awards at international cannabis fairs, making Fast Buds one of the most talked-about autoflower seed banks in the world.

Fast Buds’ award-winning genetics are a result of their commitment to excellence. They are dedicated to creating the best autoflowering strains on the market, and their numerous awards and accolades are a testament to this commitment.

The Secret Behind Fast Buds’ Success

What sets Fast Buds apart from other brands in the market? It’s their passion for cannabis and their commitment to quality. They believe in the power of good genetics and work tirelessly to identify and select the best genetics for their autoflowering strains.

Fast Buds’ advantage lies in their access to modern Californian genetics, which were almost impossible to find at the time. They took a chance and started working hard, focusing on selecting the biggest, strongest, and overall best genetics based on their years of experience.

Fast Buds’ success is not just about having the best genetics; it’s about their commitment to perfection. They won’t settle for anything less than the best, and this commitment to excellence is what makes them stand out in the market.

Fast Buds and the Autoflower Community

Fast Buds has a strong relationship with the autoflower community. The support and feedback from the community have played a crucial role in shaping Fast Buds’ goals and offerings. They value the input of their customers and use it to continuously improve their products and services.

Fast Buds’ relationship with the autoflower community goes beyond just selling seeds. They are committed to educating their customers and providing them with the support they need to succeed. They offer excellent customer service, guiding their clients through the entire process from seed to harvest.

Fast Buds is grateful for the support of the autoflower community and is committed to giving back. They believe in the potential of autoflowers and are dedicated to exploring and unlocking this potential.

The Future of Fast Buds

Fast Buds is excited about the future. They are working harder than ever to expand their offerings and bring the benefits of autoflower genetics to more people. They are investing in research and education to further understand the potential of autoflowers and to educate the public about the benefits of cannabis.

Fast Buds is also committed to helping the cannabis community grow. They are working on their own independent research on autoflowering genetics and have created a scholarship program to educate people about the benefits of cannabis. They have also put together an extensive online library available in more than 10 languages.

Fast Buds believes in the potential of autoflowers and is committed to unlocking this potential. They are dedicated to changing the world’s perception of cannabis and being the best in what they do, one seed at a time.

Ztrawberriez Auto

Ztrawberriez Auto by Fast Buds is a potent cannabis strain with a powerful punch of up to 25% THC. Bred from the carefully preserved genetics of two top Californian strains, Ztrawberriez Auto produces high quality flowers and abundant resin. This robust strain will impress the most experienced cannabis enthusiasts with its impressive potency.

Ztrawberriez Auto is a hardy, low maintenance strain, making it perfect for beginners. It grows robust, known for producing abundant harvests of dense, frosty flowers in just 9-10 weeks. Growing up to 120cm tall, Ztrawberriez Auto features long branches and thick buds that stack on top of each other, giving the plant an impressive appearance. Even with minimal care, this strain produces consistently tasty and resinous buds, making it a must-have choice for novice growers looking for a reliable and impressive harvest.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a version of the well-known and highly successful strain. This automatic strain rarely disappoints lovers of fruity aromas. As described by the people at Fast Buds:  “It’s like a refreshing mango drink”.

It has everything you could want from a good marijuana plant: great yields, combined with a fast flowering cycle and a very potent psychoactive effect. It is a Sativa/Indica hybrid descended from Afghani phenotypes and with a strong Skunk background. THC concentrations can reach 21%. Buy Green Crack Seeds.

Pineapple Express

It’s the turn of the sweetest and thickest tasting marijuana. It is one of the best autos of the house, coming from the cross between Skunk, Hawaii, TrainWreck with rudelaris strain. Its effects, determined by its sativa base, are energetic, which guarantee a disinhibition effect that can reduce anxiety and increase the feeling of happiness.Its appearance is reminiscent of a pineapple, also its taste. It is also spectacular to see how the plant is filled with resin from the first week of flowering. Pineapple Express for sale here.

Fast Buds marijuana

Californian Snow

Considered by themselves as their “rarest and most daring variety”. The reason for its name is that its buds are coated in resin to such an extent that they look like snow. It is characterized by its sweet taste, which is accompanied by an aftertaste that oscillates between bitter and citric. It produces instant short-term effects, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy a hard but short hit. If you live in a cold area with short summers, this is the plant for you; as the breeders at Fast Buds have thought of this strain to flourish in places not as warm as its native Californian Snow.

Cream Cookies

The name says it all: this variety has flavours reminiscent of cream, but with an earthy and spicy taste. A real treat for the palate! This is an indica-dominant hybrid from their famous Girl Scout Cookies strain, which we’ll talk more about later on. It is suitable for those who do not want to see their energy diminished throughout the day, but do want to have a more “chill” moment. Unlike the previous one, the effect of this one will last most of the day, and the more this plant is consumed, the more it will release its indica effects. Buy Cream Cookies


A strain suitable for inclement weather. This strain, with flavours ranging from citrus to woody, is a monster that will push through your leaves in all weather conditions. That is why it is our recommendation for urban crops, always obtaining good results in these. Its composition (19% THC and 0.9% CBD) is optimal for medicinal use, as it has strong analgesic characteristics. Its effect will help to alleviate both ailments and altered moods. Due to the presence of CBD in its composition, it will give a really pleasant physical muscle effect. G14 for sale here.


Descended from the lineage of the Blueberry, this variety will delight lovers of the taste of berries. This plant is an indica of category, its relaxing effects will not take long to be noticed once consumed and will give a lasting and dense buzz.  One of the most spectacular features of this variety is its polychromy: blues, purples, oranges, are combined throughout its flowering to finish materializing at the end of it. It is a small plant but will guarantee up to three harvests per season in warm climates. Fastberry

Fast Buds marijuana


Crossing between Chemdawg and Tres Dawg, this variety is characterized by being full of whitish trichomes that will impress even the most veteran. It is one of the most potent species in THC of the list, presenting up to 22%. This guarantees a top-notch psychoactive effect, accompanied by a wobbly physical effect. Its taste ranges from citrus to pine, and the accompanying smell is simply spectacular. Its effects provide psychedelic sensations, optimal for use during creative processes, it is also highly recommended to recover the appetite for its high THC content. Buy here Stardawg 


If its appearance is spectacular, wait until you taste its flavour. This species, with a clear berry flavour, is like nothing you have ever tasted before: spicy and fruity sensations are the main taste characteristics of this variety. Only suitable for the most demanding palates, it descends from the Pakistani Kush, so it has buds covered with resin, which together with its purplish colour makes it a visual spectacle. Its effects, both physical and cerebral, will not disappoint you. It offers strong muscle relaxation, combined with very dense psychoactive effects. In case you want to buy her follow this link. Blackberry
Fast Buds marijuana

Tangie Matic

If you are looking for a sativa with orange flavour and good THC concentrations. Look no further. This strain is all you need. The tangerine and citrus flavours of this plant complement each other in the mouth when you taste it and it has THC concentrations that reach 23%. The effect has two phases: the first, typically Indica, which makes you feel strong psychoactive effects, but not KO. In the second round, you will start to feel the energy boost you required and a sense of alertness and mental agility will come through. All of this comes with a really profitable yield. buy Tangie Matic.

West Coast OG

This variety, descendant of the mythical OG Kush, is an indispensable herb for the collector, winner of dozens of competitions in its multiple versions. Its herbal flavour, has notes of pine and is very fresh. It has a predominantly indica composition that will bring with it a feeling of super-pleasant relaxation. Its morphology is simply spectacular: its buds are covered with a fluffy whitish layer that will fill up with trichomes during the last weeks of flowering. It also has a CBD concentration of up to 1%, which boosts its medicinal effects. West Coast OG

Fast buds marijuana

 Gorilla Glue Auto

This hybrid variety is characterized by how sticky the buds become during the drying of the flower, so as you are already sensing. Yes, it is perfect for oil extractions or marijuana derivatives such as hashish. Its flavour is reminiscent of pine and citrus, combined with a diesel aroma. Regarding its effect, it combines the best of indica and sativa, so it is recommended if you are looking for an energetic effect combined with a pleasant high. It has the highest potential THC concentration of all the plants tested, reaching a stratospheric 24%. For purchase it visit the following link: Gorilla Glue Auto.

LSD 25

This enzymatic spice boasts a super potent and delicious taste. It is reminiscent of diesel or a chemical product like varnish, so we recommend it if you are looking for a complex and exquisite flavourAs its name suggests, this variety has very psychedelic effects, optimal for creative or artistic processes; as if this were not enough, the psychoactive sensation will be quite long-lasting. On the other hand, it is an optimal plant for beginners, as it will get through small apprentice failures such as light cycle interruptions and temperature changes.

Crystal Meth

This sativa-indica hybrid is the result of the combination of Mexican, Early Skunk, TrainWreck and Hawaii with the rudelaris strain. Its flavour is reminiscent of hazelnut  and other dried fruits such as nuts, with light citrus hints. On the other hand its smell is faint during its growth, so it is highly recommended for home growing where we do not want to notice its aroma. Its effect is characterized by being long-term, providing, as they say from Fast Buds, “a cheerful and pleasant high, extremely positive”. Partly thanks to its balance between sativa and indica. Crystal Meth

Girl Scout Cookies

And at the end of the table, but not least, we find this variety perfect for the sweet tooth and coming from the mixture of the West Coast OG, the Durban Poison and rudelaris strain. On the palate its aroma is deeply sweet and dense, as could be the chocolate and caramel. It is one of the most valued species among the cannabis community in the United States. Girl Scout Cookies stands out for being a plant for social consumers, its hybrid composition favours this aspect, giving happy highs and euphoric and energetic sensations in equal parts. To buy it visit Girl Scout Cookies in our shop.

Visit our online shop to find these and other of the best automatic seeds in the world, all at the best price, with free gift and free shipping.


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Fast Buds | Everything about the best Automatic Strains
Fast Buds | Everything about the best Automatic Strains Monographic about Fast Buds seed ba, discover with us their best autoflowering strains, history and philosophy.
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