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The Best Root Stimulators

Welcome back to Experiencia Natural, in today’s video we will talk about another range of products necessary for the care of your plants, if you want more information, you can find it in our online shop. Today we are going to analyse the best root stimulators on the market.

How are root stimulators made?

The origin of the nutrients found in the best root stimulators can be natural, mineral or mixed, but they are not valid for 100% organic growing. For that we have another video comparison of the best organic root stimulators. As the ones in this list are mainly of mineral origin, they have other advantages, such as being more concentrated, easier to use and store, as well as being cheaper.

All these products are valid for both indoor and outdoor growing. Like all fertilizers, it is recommended to shake before use and store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, this way you can get an optimal use and conservation. At the end of the video you will see a comparison between all these mineral root stimulators, we will give you a recommendation about each one of them, so that you can easily choose which one best suits your needs.

Rhizotonic root stimulator

Best root stimulator Rhizotonic
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We start this list of the best root stimulators with Canna’s Rhizotonic, a product that is made with 100% from natural nutrients, although it is not suitable for organic growing.

It is available in many formats, from 250 mililitres to 5 litres, it is the only one with a dosing cap in the bottle. This product is also suitable to the PH of a hydroponic solution. The dosage is 4 millilitres per litre of water, so it lasts a little less than average.

Rootbastic Root Booster

Best Root booster Rootbastic
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Rootbastic from the Dutch brand Atami is the fertiliser that comes in a smaller format, just 100 millilitre, ranging up to 1.25 litre bottles. The dosage varies from 0.1 to 0.3 millilitres per litre, being by far the least quantity required per watering, making this root stimulator the most durable. It is also the one that contains the most nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it a very powerful product with a very high nutrient concentration. The price of Rootbastic is one of the most expensives on the list, but as it is very durable and available in a very small package, it remains at an average cost.

Rootstimulator Root Booster

Rootstimulator is one of the best root fertilizers
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The third product of the best non-bio root fertilisers is Rootstimulator by Hy Pro, a very cheap product that belongs to a brand with only a few products for the whole growing process. This root stimulator stands out for having opaque metal bottles that protect the product very well and being very concentrated. Hy Pro Rootstimulator is available in 250, 500 and 1000 millilitre bottles.

Root fertiliser Root Complex

Root Complex is one of the best roots' nutrients
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We continue with Hesi’s Root Complex, another great deal within the best root boosters. It belongs also to a very easy to use range of fertilizers with few products for the whole growing process. Its price is another of its strong points, as the bottles are generous, starting at 500 millilitres up to 5 litres at a very economical price. Its dosage is 2.5 to 5 millilitres per litre, so it is within the average. It contains many essential trace elements, which are great to achieve large harvests of the highest quality.

Delta 1 Root Fertiliser

Best root stimulator Delta 1
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And we come to the end of the list of the best root stimulators with the Cannabiogen Delta 1. Cannabiogen is famous for their cannabis strains and the Delta 9 flowering booster, a well-known flowering booster. The product they offer as a root stimulator is Delta 1. This product is a mixed stimulator with plant and mineral ingredients and is the only one that contains glutamine acid. It is offered in quite small packages from 150 to 500 millilitres, so is the second-smallest bottle on this list. It needs to be only applied twice after planting, and it is also recommended applying it twice after each transplanting.

Recommendations for the best root stimulators

Now that you know the best of each of the root stimulators, we are going to give you the recommended use for each of them.

If you are looking for a product that is easy to use and dose thanks to its bottle with built-in dispenser, Canna Rhizotonic is your perfect choice. In addition, it is also ideal for recovering young plants or cuttings in poor condition.

If you want a root stimulator in a small bottle that can be mixed with one of the best-selling stimulators such as Bloombastic, Atami’s Rootbastic is your friend. It is also perfect for those looking for extra protection against fungus.

Hy Pro’s Root stimulator is the best protected product, so if you’re not going to worry too much about taking care of the bottle, this is the one for you. It is also the best for those looking for an easy to use cheap product.

For those of you looking for a cheap, easy-to-use root stimulator available in large formats, Hesi’s Root Complex is your best ally.

Finally, Delta 1 by Cannabiogen is recommended for growers who are looking for a highly concentrated product to apply as little as possible, from a very reputable brand with a line with few products.

So far the comparative video of the best root stimulators, we hope you liked it, you can see other comparatives about growing products in our blog, such as the best organic growth fertilizers. Remember to like and subscribe to our channel. You can also follow us on social networks, don’t miss our updates!

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The Best Root Stimulators
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