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HY PRO Root Stimulator. When starting with the fertilization process we suggest you to begin with the roots.

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Root Stimulator fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Along their life cycle, Marijuana plants endure several challenges. In fact, each phase of their life cycle has its demands and if such demands are provided then the plant will develop optimally. In this way, each grower needs to respond to these requirements at each phase.

Ramified and healthy roots

Plants depend on their roots to feed, thus, these roots have to be well developed to uptake nutrients. In this way, a good ramification and vitality of the roots are two important factors.

Using ROOT STIMULATOR you will get a solid developed plant.


Considering that a healthy environment is crucial for well developed plants, the climate in which they grow is essential, both indoors and outdoors.

It is also desirable to have a stable pH. Hence, HY-PRO has also created PH -.


Root Stimulator can be used in combination with irrigation water.

You can mix it with HY-PRO TERRA (on Earth) or HY-PRO A/B (for plants on hydroculture).

We recommend mixing Rootstimulator with water in a proportion of 1:200, ie, 5 ml of this stimulator per liter of water

It is advisable to combine only the right amount to be used.


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