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Hydro A + B from Hy Pro is a complete fertilizer for Marijuana plants grown in hydroponic systems. It contains all the necessary nutrients and trace elements to give powerful and beautiful plants and also very abundant crops.

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Hidro A + B fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

HYDRO A+B by Hy Pro is a complete fertilizer to feed marijuana plants in hydroponic systems. Hy Pro is a well known brand of products for growing Cannabis, offering the best quality fertilizers, supplements and enhancers for over 25 years.

Hydro A+B fertilizer is specially developed to cover all the Cannabis plant needs of nutrients in hydroponic systems. Using Hydro A+B will boost your plants allowing you to get better yields.

By using this product you will not have to worry about adding other types of base nutrients of your hydroponic garden. Hydro A+B has all the nutrients and trace elements necessary for all phases of the marijuana life cycle. The use of this product helps the grower to save time and money in the use of extra additives.

Hydro A+B is be able to take care of your plants during the growing period in a proper way, laying the foundation for a healthy and strong base that is capable of producing large quantities of buds in the flowering stage. Once you have made the transition to the flowering phase, you can continue to feeding your plants with the Hydro A+B fertilizer, as it is ready to use in both growing and flowering stages.

Hydro A+B from Hy Pro comes in a 2-pack format. To use it properly you have to follow the directions to mix some amount of each bottle with water and then watering your plants with it.

Whenever we talk about hydroponic crops we insist on the importance of checking the EC and PH of the feeding solution, to ensure optimal nutrients absorption by the plants. Hydro A+B is a product compatible with hydroponics, aeroponics, rockwool and more inert substrates. It is very easy to use and leaves no residues that can block the hydroponic pipes.

Please follow the directions below to get excellent results.

How to use Hydro A+B

To use Hydro A+B you simply need to dilute the indicated of product in each watering. To do this, you will first have to dilute 5 ml of Hydro A for every litre of water and stir. Once this has been done, simply add another 5ml of Hydro B to the solution and stir again. 

Hy Pro Hydro Growing table

Hy Pro Hydro Growing table


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