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Epic Bloom is Hy-Pro's rich in potassium and phosphorus flowering enhancer. It provides all the nutrients and trace elements needed to make your marijuana buds bigger and thicker.

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Epic Bloom Flower Stimulator 

Epic Bloom is an ideal fertilizer for the flowering phase of Cannabis, allowing your buds to gain volume and weight. This is achieved through its rich in potassium and phosphorus formula, which are the most necessary essential nutrients for Cannabis during the flowering phase.

In addition, the Epic Bloom formula also contains sugars, which are a source of energy for the plant and also greatly improve its taste and cannabinoids. The sugars, minerals and trace elements in Epic Bloom will make the difference between a good outcome and an excellent one.

All the mineral nutrients used in Hy-Pro products have been specifically designed for marijuana plants. Your plants will always be happier when using appropriately Epic Bloom, no matter what strain of Cannabis you are considering using.

Epic Bloom works by stimulating the plant's cell generation. This improves the nutrients transport thorought and makes it easier for plants to create buds properly and abundantly. As a result, the buds become fatter, the organoleptic properties are improved and the concentration of cannabinoids is increased.

It also accelerates photosynthesis, an essential process for Cannabis because it produces many sugars, which we know it serves as energy for the plant. Besides to producing essential sugars, Epic Bloom helps the plant obtain more proteins, which also results in more abundant and better yields. 

This is a specific product for soil crops and you can combine the use of Epic Bloom with the other products in Hy-Pro's Terra range and achieve even greater results. Epic Bloom works especially well with Hy-Pro's Terra general purpose fertilizer. It is the perfect complement to ensure perfect plant nutrition.

How to use Epic Bloom

The manufacturer recommends using this product on soil substrate crops from the start of the flowering phase. This is, when the marijuana starts to consolidate flowers and devote its energies to make them bigger.

The use of Epic Bloom, as with the other products in Hy-Pro's fertilizer range, is simple and suitable for beginners. The manufacturer reports that 1 ml of Epic Bloom should be diluted for every litre of irrigation water. The mixture should be applied from the fourth week of flowering and if possible in combination with Terra de Hy-Pro.

It is possible to alternate between watering with water alone and watering with this product to relieve the nutrient load on the plant. The application should be stopped 2 weeks before harvesting the plant.

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