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The Smartbox Epic Bloom by Hy Pro is the ideal kit for growing Cannabis in soil substrate. It stimulates the roots, protects the plants, and provides all the nutrients for plant flowering.

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Smartbox Epic Bloom Fertilizer Kit 

There are many doubts when a grower attempts raising Cannabis in soil substrate, some of which are about the best product to choose and how to combine it with other products from different brands to maximize yield. These concerns are made non-existent with the Smartbox Epic Bloom growing kit in soil substrate.

The Smartbox Epic Bloom fertilizer kit is an additive pack for Cannabis crops. It contains 3 of the most important elements required for the optimal growth of a garden. The kit contains a root booster, a flowering booster, and a revitalising spray for foliar application.

Applying all three products together will result in a qualitative and quantitative improvement in yield. Also, these 3 products are designed to work together, meaning you don’t have to worry about side-effects.

The Hy-Pro Epic Bloom Smartbox consists of the following products:

  • 100 ml of Hy-Pro Spraymix: this is a Cannabis revitalising spray that is applied directly on the leaves of the Cannabis plant. The Spraymix acts as a protective layer. It prevents the Cannabis plant from harmful pathogens and ensures the harvest is unharmed.
  • 100 ml of Hy-Pro Rootstimulator Terra: the roots are the foundation of the crop and therefore needs maximum attention for the best possible yield. Using the Rootstimulator Terra ensures that the root system of the plants expand and grow like never before. It is one of the best products as it improves nutrient uptake which leads to faster-growing plants.
  • 100 ml of Hy-Pro Epic Bloom: the last element of the pack is the bloom booster. This is the case with Hy-Pro's Epic Bloom, which will supply all the potassium and phosphorus your plant needs to go through a healthy and productive flowering stage.

When used together, the Hy-Pro's Epic Bloom Smartbox is about the best-growing pack for growers looking for an option that brings together all the additives needed to grow Cannabis in soil substrate. 

Tips for using the Smartbox Epic Bloom

Like every other product being used for the first time, we recommend that you read the manufacturer's instructions for each of the products in the pack before applying them. It is also advisable to measure the pH and EC value of the crop before applying the products in case the acidity of the soil needs to be corrected.