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Generator is the fertilizer for marijuana you can use in the growth and bloom stages, it provides base nutrients and additives.

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Generator Growth and Bloom fertilizer 

If you're looking for a marijuana fertilizer that improves to the growth and bloom stages, no matter what type of substrate you use, Generator, Hy-Pro's state-of-the-art fertilizer, should be on your list. It is an additive that will provide everything necessary to your plants throughout their life cycle.

Generator is a fertilizer that works as a supplement for Cannabis, it is made by the remarkable cannabis products brand Hy-Pro. They have more than 25 years of experience and you will note it in the quality of their products. Additives such as Generator offer valid solutions for many types of crops and will provide the extra that your plants need to increase their yields.

The formula of Hy-Pro Generator has essential nutrients and trace elements that will nourish your plants while protecting them from possible dangers. For example, the use of Generator helps the plant to overcome stress periods such as droughts, this way you can avoid those moments in which the plant may see its productive capacity reduced. In view of this, it is best to use products such as Generator that regenerate the growth and flowering of the plant.

As we stated before Hy Pro Generator is rich in base nutrients and trace elements, also known as micronutrients, are fundamental for plants and among them we find such important nutrients as manganese, zinc, boron, copper and molybdenum.

In short, Generator from Hy-Pro is the additive that cannot be missing from your crop if you are looking for a fertilizer for both the growth and flowering marijuana phases. Moreover, it is a multipurpose product that adapts to all types of substrates and, as usual in this house, with a great value for money.

Using Generator

The formula of generator provides the exact combination of base nutrients and trace elements. Furthermore, it is a highly concentrated product that is very easy to use and even newbies can make use of this product.

Generator, when properly used leaves no residues.

Before applying Generator de Hy-Pro it is recommended to measure the pH and EC of the crop. In addition, you can combine Generator with the other products in the Hy-Pro range.

The manufacturer's recommended dosage is 1 ml of Generator per 6 litres of water.