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PH- or PH Down from Hy Pro is a PH controller of water that raises its acidity level or in other words, it reduces the PH. Especially recommended if using hard waters.

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Hy Pro PH - for Growing Marijuana

Hy Pro's PH- aka PH Down is a water PH stabilizer for growing marijuana, it increases the acidity level, or what is the same, lowers the PH. This is a product made by Hy Pro, a dutch company of Cannabis fertilizers that is among our favorites for its smooth performance and competitive prices.

Hy Pro Ph- has a formula based on nitric acid that allows us to increase the water and nutrient solution acidity. This allow our plants to get a optimal nutrients absorption. All plants can obtain better amount of nutrients when the acidity level is perfect, as better is the nutrient feeding the large and better quality will be the outcome.

As many of you know the acidity level of a mixture of nutrients and water is measured by PH. The more stable the pH level the better for the plant, as changes in the composition of the soil can be detrimental to the crop and cause the nutrient absorption regime to be affected.

The PH of the water is, together with the EC or electroconductivity of the water, one of the essential cultivation parameters to guarantee a correct development of the plants. A PH of 7 is a neutral PH; if the PH is above, the water is alkaline, and if it is below, the water is acidic. The majority of plants usually prefer a slightly acidic PH, between 5.5 and 6 maintained in a stable way throughout time.

If the pH of the water varies, so does the plant's assimilation of nutrients, and you can see this clearly in the appearance of your crop. PH- or PH Down will help you to correct small variations in the PH of the water used in the crop to keep it as stable as possible.

In the case of hard water, the use of PH- or PH Down is essential, as this water usually has an excess of calcium or magnesium, which alkalinizes the water and is harmful to the plants.

Apply PH- or PH Down drop by drop in the water and mix well. Check each time until the desired PH level is reached.

How to use PH-

The use of Hy Pro PH- is simple and suitable for all levels. First of all, you have to measure the pH and EC of the nutrient solution you use. If the result is too high, which is common in areas with hard water, add Hy Pro PH- drop by drop and stir well. Then measure the pH of the water again until you get a figure between 5.5 and 6.0.


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