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Five home remedies for marijuana (molds and pests)

Not everything has to be bought! In this article we tell you about the 5 home remedies for marijuana pests that we like best. Take a note! they’re all made with ingredients you usually have at home and free.

Five home remedies for marijuana

In this article we tell you about the 5 home remedies for marijuana pests that we like best.

Five home remedies for marijuana

It may be one of the worst nightmares a grower has: insects and mold attacking our plants. We bring you a series of home remedies for marijuana pests that will help you pass the hard time and cure your plants and get them healthier again.

Why use a home remedy for marijuana?

Obviously in the shops you have insecticides and fungicides that are super effective and easy to find in any online grow shop or in your neighborhood store.

What’s the problem then?

Because, although it is true that there are some 100% organic products – some of them made from neem oil – buying products at a shop you are usually putting many products and compounds, some of them chemicals into your plantation..

Moreover, if sustainability don’t go all the way with you, there is another more common issue that surely does affect you: the price of these products. Carrying out a treatment with them implies an economic outlay that you may not want to assume. Especially if it can be avoided.

Using a home remedy will save you money and you will know exactly what you are putting in your plants.

What pests can be treated with home remedies?

Well, in fact, most of the marijuana threats have a home-made solution. Molds, aphids, mites, caterpillars… you can keep them all at bay with easy to find ingredients which, in many cases, you have at home.

Here you have the 5 home remedies against pests that are typical to be found in marijuana plantations. Make a note of it, because I’m sure that on more than one occasion they will be perfect for you and your plants.

#1 – Home Remedy for Marijuana mold

Feared mold represent one of the worst enemies of our crops. They are hidden waiting for environmental conditions to be conducive to plant invasion.

On a preventive level, the first thing we should recommend is that you have to control the humidity, especially indoors. And air the environment often to prevent fungi from proliferating.

Also, as a last piece of advice, we recommend you to be scrupulously clean. Don’t leave dead leaves or other organic material lying around. And use bleach between one season to the next, to leave everything disinfected.

Common marijuana molds are:

Botrytis: expands very quickly, leaving your plants necrotic and brownish.
Mildew: If you see yellowish spots on the underside of the leaves, you have to be alert because they may be being attacked by this fungus.
Powdery mildew: come from the leaves and end up invading the stem with a whitish-looking powder.
Fusarium: observe the stems if you see rottenness and the leaves are yellowish, the picture can be an attack of this fungus.

To prevent these annoying guests who can be lethal to the Cannabis plants, we recommend that you use:

Horsetail: infuse 100g of plants into 1 liter of water, filter it and give it to the plants..
Homemade Bordeaux broth: here you will need something a little more special. Basically 10g of calcium hydroxide and 10g of copper sulphate, which you should add to a liter of water and filter it. Then vaporize your leaves with this efficient remedy.
Sodium bicarbonate: specially recommended to fight mildew, but effective with all kinds of fungi. It couldn’t be simpler: 2L of water, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1.5 tablespoons of oil (vegetable) and half a teaspoon of natural soap.

#2 – Home Remedy Against Aphid

Another of the usual suspects is the aphid, which feeds on plants sucking sap. Since there are no visible perforations, it often takes too long to detect them. And, at the speed at which it reproduces, it can spoil our harvest at the speed of light.

We insist on prevention through the clean environment. But it also helps to plant some other plant species around, such as honeysuckle or nettles, which will make the environment safer for marijuana.

When it’s too late, you’ll have to address to one of these home remedies:

Nettles broth: add 200g of fresh nettles and 40g of dried nettles to a litre of water. Leave the mixture to stand for a week and then add 100ml of the properly filtered mixture to a liter of water to spray the plants with it.

#3 – Home remedy for red spider mite

Although the name sounds like a terrible arachnid, it’s actually a tiny mite less than half an inch in size..

If you suffer from red spider mite and don’t check your plants, you will only notice it when it has a large colony and you will realise because of the protective net they weave on the underside of the plants. It is precisely because of their small size that they are not individually perceptible. You should always check the underside of the leaves periodically to find yourself with this bad surprise, they looks as slightly yellowish dust grains.

To kill red spider mites (and any type of mite) using a homemade method, you will need to do so:

Garlic and chilli: although it sounds like a pasta dressing, it’s actually a very effective solution. You need half an onion, two chilli peppers and two cloves of garlic. Get all this crushed and mixed with water for 2 or 3 days, then filter it and add it to 3 liters of water to irrigate with it.

#4 – Home Remedy Against Whitefly

If one day you come across tiny, whitish flies, you have to get started immediately. Don’t underestimate the whitefly because it’s of amazing voracity. They usually appear at the bottom of plants and on the top of the soil.

Fortunately, the remedy for whitefly is simple:

Garlic: Well, it’s actually a small cocktail with which to pulverize the plants. Place 3 or 4 cloves of garlic in 96º alcohol and let them rest in it for about two days. Use the result to spray the plantation.

#5 – Home remedy against snails and slugs

When the summer heat comes, the slugs and snails come out of their winter lethargy and throw themselves like mad at scarf all the plants within their reach.

To eliminate these pests, it is best to use traps. If during the night you leave bags of oranges, lettuce or a cloth impregnated with beer (they like it better than the germans), in the morning you will find them all trapped.

Unfortunately there are many threats to our plants, but fortunately we have simple and homemade remedies to eliminate them.

Is there any other plague you’d like to treat? Just tell us in the comments and we’ll give you the solution.

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Five home remedies for marijuana
Five home remedies for marijuana Not everything has to be bought! In this article we tell you about the 5 home remedies for marijuana pests that we like best. Take a note! they're all made with ingredients you usually have at home and free.
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    I just went to check on my plants and for some reason; a lot of them have been completely mowed down. It has to be pests. They have just sprouted so they are small but I need a home remedy that works for all of at least most insects. I don’t think it would be good for my plants if I mix all the different mixtures for each pest into one concauction. I dont wanna kill my plants but if I don’t figure something out quickly then I’m going to have to try it anyway because all my plants are being killed anyway. Also in prevention. How do I sterilize my soil? Or make sure that it is sterilized? Thanks for any helpful tips

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