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How to Increase marijuana effects with food

Whether it’s to make the harvest last longer, to explore new ways of consuming marijuana or simply out of curiosity about what will happen, taking marijuana with other foods that can make the effects increase, or be more durable always piques curiosity. In this article we tell you how to increase marijuana effects with food.

Increase marijuana effects with food

Increase marijuana effects with food

Some time ago we talked about one food that increase the effects of Cannabis, mango, in this article we are now expanding the information with other foods that have the same synergistic properties with Cannabis.

There are several elements or compounds that can interact with marijuana Cannabinoids to enhanc and lengthen their effects, we start with the terpenes:

Terpenian Myrrhene

This synergy occurs because marijuana contains more than 100 terpene molecules involved in how THC affects the brain. Marijuana contains a terpene mostly, the Myrcene terpene. Mirceno terpeno is responsible for the aromas of walnuts, Valencian oranges or apricots and is widely used in the perfume industry. It is also found in lemongrass, verbena and in the sister of Cannabis, hops. Its aroma is very similar to the one of Cannabis, as it can mostly be woody, citric and fruity.

Therefore, if you eat one of these foods rich in myrcenes, at the same time you’re consuming Cannabis, you can boost and improve marijuana high, because they cause THC and other Cannabinoids to pass into the bloodstream much faster and more effectively.

In this way you can get a better quality effect with a not very good marijuana, or even better still a good one. As to how this synergy occurs between myrcene and terpene, research is still in its infancy, so it can only be assured that it facilitates the flow of Cannabinoids into the bloodstream. What is true is that many consumers report not only an increase in power, but also in the duration and “brilliance” of the experience.

The right way to feel the synergy is as follows, first of all you have to consume the food that potentiates marijuana, wait a few minutes (with 5 is enough) and take the marijuana. If marijuana is ingested, it can be taken at the same time as the other food.

As we commented, the foods that enhance thanks to the action of the Myrcene terpeno are among others: mango, apricot, hops and consequently the beers that carry it, nuts and oranges.

The Anandamine

It is an endocannabinoid, as its name indicates, endo means that it is produced by the human body itself, yes, we also produce cannabinoids, and we also have endogenous receptors that are only activated when consuming Cannabis, but this is not told to you at school, right?

Returning to the topic of this article, Anandamine has much similarity to THC, both have the ability to promote the release of Dopamine in our brain, which is also known as the pleasure hormone, producing a satisfying effect on our mood.

Anandamine potent and lengthens the effects of marijuana by its similarity with THC, the foods that contain it are: dark chocolate (the purer the better), truffle and sea urchins.

On the Internet you can find other foods or plants that also claim to increase the weed power, however they do not have any scientific evidence and are based solely on the experiences of users, so we only mention them in case you are curious. They are the Kanna, whose scientific name is Sceletium Tortuosum and the Griffonia Simplicifolia.

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How to Increase marijuana effects with food
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