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How to differentiate between female and male marijuana?

Undoubtedly, this is one of the questions we hear the most from people who start in the world of marijuana. How to differentiate between male and female cannabis always brings a lot of amateurs upside down. To solve this doubt once and for all, just read on.

Female and male cannabis

The differences between a female and a male marijuana plant are visible, since it is one of the few plants in which there are differences in the external structure to show the sexes. In other plants, you have to look for the sex inside them, in their DNA, something that does not happen with cannabis, which can be seen with the naked eye.

Here we show you an image with a male and a female plant, do you know which one is which, whether you know it or not, keep reading to know all their differences and be able to know which one is which, even when it is not so clear.

distinguish between male and female cannabis

Differences between female and male cannabis in detail

There is a main difference between male and female marijuana plants, which is why cannabis enthusiasts are usually only interested in females.

Female marijuana plants

This task of differentiating male and female is of utmost importance, since it is only the female plant that has active properties, so most growers are only interested in these female plants. By active properties, we mean concentrations worthy of THC, CBD, CBN and the rest of cannabinoids, or what is the same, the one that gives flowers full of resin with those cannabinoids.

Male cannabis plants

The male, on the other hand, does not produce buds and has no active properties, or has them to such a small extent that it is not possible to use this plant for the same purposes as the female part. In the same way, the male releases pollen instead of producing buds, and this pollen pollinates the female plants and they stop producing buds to start working on making seeds, so, if what we want to get is a harvest destined to produce active ingredients, once detected the males must be eliminated.

We offer you a content with all the particularities, and some super important secrets, about male marijuana, which you can access at the following link:

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Male Cannabis

Marijuana plants with both genders

It is possible to obtain a single marijuana plant with both sexes, it is not usual, although it can happen due to certain peculiarities of its genes and the influence of external factors. They are called hermaphrodite plants and are usually of no use to any kind of cannabis enthusiast. In case of having a hermaphrodite plant it is best to remove it, since it pollinates itself and obtains seeds instead of buds, of course the pollen is passed to the air and can pollinate the plants next to it, or even kilometers away.

How to differentiate female from male cannabis?

The female marijuana plant produces buds, these appear at first as white hairs housed in a kind of tiny buds between the main stem and the stems of the large leaves, from that same point, along with the bud grows a secondary branch that will be the one to throw the rest of the buds. Speaking a little more precisely, the female plants form a calyx from which are born the white hairs called pistils, which depending on the variety may vary slightly in color. Little by little the calyxes grow, as well as the quantity of hairs, forming the buds, which are then mounted on top of each other and finally harden.

The male cannabis plant, on the other hand, produces balls, first attached to the main stem, and then hanging down, just in the same area where the female bud is formed. The sex of the male marijuana is easy to detect, as it usually hangs downwards in pairs, unlike the female, which hangs upwards. These male flowers open in four sepals, from which come out four stamens that are the ones that release pollen. When we reach this point, it is no longer safe to have female plants near this male, as he may already be releasing his love dust into the air. Before this happens we have to be done with that male.


Now you can see again the photo that we showed you at the beginning of this article, we are sure that now you will not have any problem to know which photo is the female marijuana and which photo is the male marijuana, right?

We hope this content has been useful for you to know how to differentiate the female marijuana from the male, continue reading with our monograph on cannabis seeds, which is useful to understand some myths about the seeds, so we are sure that you will find it of great interest.

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How to differentiate between female and male marijuana?
How to differentiate between female and male marijuana? How to differentiate between male and female cannabis. We give you the keys to differentiate male from female marijuana easily.
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