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Rhizotonic is a potent plant-based root stimulator for Marijuana plants. Especially indicated for cuttings, transplants, sick plants or highly stressed plants.

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Canna's Rhizotonic root stimulator

Rhizotonic is a potent plant-based root stimulator for Marijuana plants suitable for outdoor and indoor crops of any kind. It is especially indicated for cuttings, transplanted and diseased plants or highly stressed plants plants that prevents a correct development.

Rhizotonic incorporates a strain of trace elements and vitamins B1 and B2 that promotes hormone production in plants and concomitantly the growth of their roots. Rhizotonic will allow the roots to grow more and quicker in order to assure a great uptake of important nutrients for their development. Hence, with Rhizotonic you wll have tougher and more resistant Cannabis plants.

Rhizotonic can be used as a root system booster in healthy plants or as a supplementary stimulator for root recovery from stressed or diseased plants or cuttings.

Before germination, you can put your Marijuana seeds soaked in a mixture of 2-4ml of Rhizotonic per liter of water: This product will smoothed the skin of the seed for a better and early germination and rooting. Once planted and germinated, we recommend to use Rhizotonic especially in the first week in order to stimulate root development. If you want, you can also use this product along the life cycle of the plant (growth and flowering periods). If you administer Rhizotonic in diseased and stressed plants, you will se an impressive recovery.

Use of Rhizotonic

Rhizotonic is often used for watering or as a foliar spray and can also be used to raise the pH of the fertiliser tank in hydroponics.

Product mostly of natural origin, available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

To apply use 4ml per litre of water and irrigate or apply foliar.

NPK: 0,6-0,2-0,6