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Canna Terra Vega is a professional fertilizer specifically designed for the growth period of your Marijuana plants. It promotes the production of long buds and a solid root system.

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Canna Terra Vega Growth Fertilizer

Terra Vega is a professional fertilizer specifically designed for the growth period of Marijuana plants and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops. It is a nutritional component that promotes the development of huge buds and a powerful root, capable to better uptake nutrients, thus making the plant tougher and more resistant besides being able of producing more and better buds.

Terra Vega is a product particularly indicated for fertilized soils. However, it can also be used in nutrient-deficient substrates or on previously used lands. It is a fertilizer rich in nitrogen compounds, as well as iron in the form of high performance EDDHA chelate.

Terra Vega belongs to Canna's Terra line, so it is highly recommended to use all the other products and substrates of this range.

Terra Vega Fertilizer Formats

1 Litre (Weight 1.2kg)

5 Litres (Weight 6kg)

Characteristics of Terra Vega fertilizer

Guarantees the development of a strong plant

Strong growth and high yields

Provides the necessary minerals in the correct dosage

Easy to use and dissolves directly

Increases nutrient uptake

Highest quality mineral ingredients

Terra Vega dosage

Check the cultivation table to see if Terra Vega should be applied.

To be applied during the growth phase

Shake the bottle well before each use

Add a maximum dosage of 5 ml per litre of water

Recommended pH-value between 5.8 and 6.2

The EC of the water after Terra Vega will be between 0,9 and 1,6 mS

Composition of Terra Vega

Ingredients obtained 100% from mineral sources

Nitrogen 3% 

Phosphorous 1% 

Potassium 3%


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