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Cannacure is a pesticide and a foliar nutrient all in one: it controls pests and mold, nourishes your plant and besides that, it is environmentally friendly. This is the first eco-friendly pesticide from Canna.

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Cannacure for Growing Marijuana

Cannacure is a unique pesticide and a foliar nutrient: besides feeding your plant so it can grow healthier and stronger, it also control pests and mold and prevent and control the invasion of parasites like powdery mildew, whitefly, mealybug, aphids and mites. As if that was not enough, it does not include toxins being 100% environmentally friendly with your own plants and fruits.

Cannacure will provide a second skin to the plant enabling it to continue breathing normally and at the same time it guarantees an excellent photosynthesis, also enabling your plant to maintain the energy to bloom in an optimal manner. If you combine Cannacure with CannaBoost the bloom will be quicker an the levels of THC will be even higher.

Like referred above, this second skin acts as a shield for the plant, as any parasite will stay stuck to it. This action prevent them to devour the leaves leading to the death of the parasite by starvation.

Cannacure can be used as a preventive product or to treat the plant from pests attacks by dissolving 330ml per liter of water. If you use it as a preventive product, use it on the both sides of each leaf once a week. If you use it as a treatment product, spray the both sides of each leaf every 3 days and, if necessary, repeat the cycle three days later; after that it will be sufficient to once a week.

You can apply Cannacure throughout the entire life cycle of the plant, from cultivation to harvesting. You can use it without gaps between spraying and the harvesting.